Turboant X7 Pro Electric Scooter Review

Are you feeling  worry  by sitting at home due to lockdown? Do you want to something special  that will protect you, as well as will provide you fun? I am telling about electric scooter. It will keep you away from the body contact of people. You will be able to go grocery shops easily. 

As i was bored, a few days ago i bought an electric scooter  to  make my time enjoyful. I have bought X7 Pro electric scooter. I thought I should write a review so that everyone can be benifited. The X7 Pro is an awesome scooter of  the popular brand Turboant.

Turboant Company offers well-built electric scooter. The X7 Pro is the latest versions of X7. Though X7 pro is upgraded, all parts aren’t changed. The motor and weight capacity is similar to X7. Then what is the difference between X7 and X7 Pro?

 The X7 Pro offers more speed and longer range than the X7. That’s why i advise you to buy this scooter. Because this simple change has brought huge benefits. The quality of performance has enhanced  and provides a great experience to the riders. 

Turboant E Scooter Folded 960x640

Official purchase link – https://www.turboant.com/products/x7-pro-electric-scooter

Turboant X7 Pro Electric Scooter Specs

  • Number of Motors: 1
  • Motor: 36 V, 350 W
  • Tire (Front & Rear): 10-inch, tubed pneumatic tires
  • Max Speed: 20 mph (32 km/h)
  • Range: 20-30 miles (30-48 km)
  • Speed: 3 Settings
  • Max Load: 44-275 lbs (20-125 kg)
  • Battery Type: Detachable, 10 Ah, 360 Wh Lithium-Ion
  • Battery Charger Input: 100-240 V AC, 50/60 Hz
  • Battery Charger Output: 42 V DC, 2 A
  • Charging Time: Approximately 6 hours
  • Brake System: electric Throttle Control, Foot brake, Disc Brake 
  • Illumination: LED Headlight and Taillight (3 W)
  • IP Rating: IPX4
  • Unfolded Size: 42.6 × 16.5 × 46.7 in (1083 × 420 × 1186 mm)
  • Folded Size: 42.6 × 16.5 × 18.1 in (1083 × 420 × 460 mm)
  • Weight (With Battery): 33 lbs (15 kg)
  • Price: $499 

Outstanding features of the X7 Pro

Unique design 

Today there are many brands in the market. They provide foldable e-scooter. The quality of components and materials are crucial for any electric scooter. In that case, the Turboant will make you happy. The frame is made of aluminum. This is a solid material for constructing frames. 

The design of this e-scooter is surprisingly eye-catchy. If you look at a glance on the X7 Pro, you will feel pleasant. Your eyes will be stuck for a few seconds. Its elegant design attracts the riders.  

Built with quality material 

The X7 Pro comes with sturdy material. It won’t make you disappoint. Tough metal has been used to build up the whole frame. The stem and deck is also made with tough metal. 

The stem is thick and durable. The deck contains an anti-skid rubber surface. So, it is pretty comfortable for longer rides. Other parts of the scooter are made of durable plastic such as, the mudguard and the taillight. 

The parts of the kickstand are also built with plastic. The kickstand of this scooter is quite strong. Therefore , it is very easy to park and there is no risk against any obstacles. It will help you to move quickly and halt smoothly.

The motor is located on the front wheel and the electric brake is located on the rear wheel. Compared to the other mid-range e-scooter, the x7 pro is a bit heavy. The total weight of this scooter is 33Ibs, roughly 15kg. You may think it will be difficult to carry but it is comfortable to carry in a fold.

Unfortunately it is harder to carry by catching  the handles or stem. But if you consider all the features, and large battery, of course it is worth to buy as it meets all the expectations of the riders.

20220927 184115

Well setup with a powerful battery

In the electric scooter the battery is located inside the deck usually. But the battery of the x7 pro is situated inside the stem on the front. Due to the placement of the battery inside the stem, it is very easy to remove the battery. The removal battery system is a good feature of an electric scooter. 

It makes riding very easy and comfortable because you can use multiple batteries. Battery doesn’t remain hidden inside the stem so you can detach when needed. You can buy an extra battery so that you can use a second battery while charging others.

Great charging capability 

You can charge the x7 pro’s battery directly through the port which is located at the bottom or you can charge the battery by removing it from the stem compartment. The battery is fairly powerful. It charges rapidly. The light of the battery turns into red to green while charging fully. 

But if the charges are depleted fully, it takes 6 hours to charge it. They supply almost a charged scooter. So, you don’t need to charge the scooter for a long time after receiving it. My scooter only took a few hours to charge fully.


The X7 Pro has excellent features. It comes with durable constructions. The handlebars are covered with soft rubber. You will feel comfortable whether you wear gloves or not. 

The hands attach with the bars smoothly  so your hand won’t slip off randomly. A sensitive single push break is placed on the left handle. So, be aware of during riding. Don’t use the break too fast as it may cause disruption. 

A warning ring bell has below the brake handle. You can trigger the bell by pushing the lever. The sound is not too high, but it is enough for the nearest pedestrians. The main controls contain near the right handlebar. 

Some designs are similar to its predecessor. For example, the x7 pro contains two buttons with a red throttle bar,  just like its predecessor. One is a power button and the other is a function button. Power button turns on the e-scooter. You need to push these power buttons for a few seconds.

20220927 182937

 Besides running the scooter the power button  will turn on the LCD display on the center. Function button helps to control the speed according to your need. You can ride the scooter at night overcoming obstacles without any hassles.

Simply press the function button rapidly twice. A powerful LED headlight will turn on or off and will make your journey adventurous . The x7 pro contains a big and bright LCD display. A digital speed indicator is incorporated inside this display. It offers an accurate measure of the speed.

When you increase or decrease the speed, the measurement changes automatically. The speed level icon is on the right of the display. There are three different speed parameters. 

 In beginner mode (6mph max), it does not show any speed. In Eco mode (10mph max), the icon lights up and in sports mode (up to 20mph) it switches to red color. Below the red color, you will see some horizontal bars. 

These bars indicate the amount of charge. It shows five bars when the battery remains fully charged. It will show one bar, when less than 25% charge is available. There are also some additional icons. These icons help to understand the fault of the e-scooter and also provide warnings of overheating.

Comfortable riding 

The scooter has large tube pneumatic tires. The measure of the tire is 10 inches. So it offers an amazing comfortable riding. If you ask me, which pressure level is best for comfortable riding? I would suggest you ride at 31psi. It won’t encounter any bumps on this range. 

However, always try to keep the tire pressure between 31.4 and 34.8 psi. As the comfort of the riding depends on the pressure, so before your first ride double-check the pressure level and check the pressure periodically to get the maximum comfort. You need to increase your pressure for a longer range.

Turboant Electric Scooter 5 960x640

Rapid speed and range

 It is important to buy a speedy electric scooter. It will give you not only much pleasure but also will save your time. So, man!Are you worry about the speed of this scooter? Don’t worry! It is an excellent scooter with a strong configuration. It provides smooth rides with the highest speed.

 After buying this scooter, I went to my relative’s house to check its speed. He lives in hills. The range was around 10-15 miles. I also did several tests to find the accurate speed. That’s why i ride the scooter in up hills and down over an hour. The speed range was super.

 I am completely satisfied with its speed range. I believe you will also be satisfied and of course thank me for advising you to buy a super scooter while driving it. You can visit the flat roads around 30 miles of range. The range is pretty impressive. 

Sometimes, the battery indicator doesn’t show accurate results. It depends on the road conditions and loads. If you ride the scooter on hilly areas, the bars will drop-down from 5 to 3 or 4. When you move to the downhill or flat roads, it will turn back to the original state. 

Completely discharging the battery is a bad idea. Because it reduces the lifespan of the battery. You can run 10-15 miles with this one bar charge.  But personally I don’t like to use the scooter until it is zero charged.

In sports mode, you can ride an electric scooter 20 miles per hour on flat roads. So, I tested this X7 Pro.  It provides around 18 miles speeds per hour in the mountains. The speed increases while riding on the flat roads.

 It will not be wise to push again and again to get more range because danger can happen. However, the true thing is that the scooter is really excellent for going to nearby shops, performing daily activities, and for going to college.

20220927 181911

Riding facilities of x7 pro 

The riding is very easy and straightforward. You don’t need to work hard to start the scooter. Simply push off the ground for starting, then push down the red throttle for engaging the motor. Without slowing down your speed, you can turn on or off the LED headlight and switch the speed of the scooter.

Packaging and assembly 

Two boxes are used for packaging. A small box remains inside the large box. That means they deliver the product in well protected mode. When I opened the box, I found the e-scooter, a large charging adapter, a manual and a hex wrench.

Assembling the product is very easy. Just bring it out from the box, put in a flat surface, unfold it, and then simply push the red latch down.  Your scooter is ready for riding.

The lever may lose over time. The hex wrench is used as an alternative to lever to avoid abrupt. The handles can be joined easily just need to screw them in. You can transport and  store the scooter by reversing the process.

IMG 20220927 WA0006


 The x7 pro comes with many strongest features compared to x7. It has a lot of benefits. The x7 pro has a decent 350w powerful motor. You can go up to 20 to 30 miles with 32km/h. The speed is not an only factor for considering a scooter. You should be aware of the braking system. Fortunately the braking system of this e-scooter is smooth and solid.



The X7 pro has plenty of awesome features that will surprise you and will win your heart. This electric scooter is perfect for both beginner and intermediate riders. That’s why it is more popular. The price is reasonable. You can purchase the scooter directly from their website.   

This water resistant scooter  comes with super specs. This single motor e-scooter provides 20 mph speeds and contains a lithium-ion battery, which takes only 6 hours to become charged fully.

You can go 30 miles per charge. It can support upto 275 pounds. The IPX4 rating has been used so it will not  damage if water falls on it. So you can ride this bike in rainy weather. It is not likely to rust and fade.

Get yours here – https://www.turboant.com/products/x7-pro-electric-scooter

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