Taking care of the Electric Scooter Battery – Ultimate Guide

Electric scooter or E-scooter is very popular in recent days though it was introduced and patented in 1895. As it runs only using a battery, it is very friendly for the environment. There is no need to use any fuel. Most of the batteries have long life span and provide a long ride to the riders.

Taking care of the battery is very crucial. Good care of the battery ensures the service of the battery for long. In this guide, you will get the best ideas of electric scooter battery care.


Battery life

Usually, all the batteries have a limited lifespan whether it is by the manufactures or bought from the market. It is true that the original battery lasts longer than the other ones. All the batteries last at least 6 months and almost a year maximum. Sometimes the life span of the battery depends on electric scooter battery care. If you take a good care the battery can last almost a year. If you don’t, it can be damaged before 6 months. So, battery care is very important.


How to take the best care of battery?

If you don’t know how to take care of the battery, then you are wasting your battery. Here are the tips to electric scooter battery care.

  • Try to use 50% or less of the battery charge
  • Charge the battery with a good charger
  • Charge the battery with the original charger
  • Don’t overcharge the battery
  • After charging always unplug the charger
  • If the battery gets overcharged, try to limit it to a few hours.
  • Use the chargers which stop charging automatically after full charging.
  • Keep the scooter in a cool place so that the battery gets cool quick after using.
  • If the battery gets any kind of damage and you have a warranty, immediately take it for repair.
  • Never try to repair the battery by yourself


How battery gets damaged?

An electric scooter battery can be damaged by several ways. Most of the time battery is damaged by the indifference of the user. But some users charge the battery before using the 50% of the battery. Overcharge also responsible for the damage. When the original charger is damaged, people low quality charger. This is also a reason. And sometimes overheat can cause a burst of the battery. You must be careful to prevent or avoid these problems.


Replacing a battery

When you buy an electric scooter, you should keep in mind that, the battery will last maximum for one year. So, you must be prepared to change the battery. But the battery can be damaged after few months of buying. In that case, the warranty will help. You will get a new battery from the manufacturer for free. You should never uncover or try to repair the battery because the manufacturer will not change the battery if they find the battery was tried to be repaired by anyone.


So, you have got all the info about electric scooter battery care and maintenance. If you follow these instructions, you can take the best care of the battery.

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  1. Thank you!
    I’ve read a post on scooter batteries saying you have to let it discharge completely befoer charging, which seemed non sensical to me. I have an Evo bike with battery and I was told what you say: try not to let it discharge below 50%.
    One year in California = 3 years in Canada 😉

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