Suntec City introducing Electric Scooter Sharing Trials

World’s first electric scooter sharing trials is being introduced in Suntec City in Singapore. The first ride could start as early as the First week of July.

Singapore has been trying for this for quite some time now. Finally, a local startup Called Telepod along with Nanyang Technological University (NTU) is starting this project.Suntec Scooter Project

About 50 Electric scooters will be available at the early stage at three locations including NTU campus, Research Techno Plaza, and North Hill Residence.

According to NTU sharing an electric scooter will be completely free at the launch. NTU couldn’t confirm any information on pricing yet. But it is confirmed they will be using the adult electric scooter.

This project will be conducted by NTU, SMRT, and JTC and is part of their solutions to provide multiple modes of transportation.

The project At NTU will start around July. And will be available for the general public.

But the good news is, at Suntec City a four months trial starting from Jun 5. According to Telepod, there will be ten electric scooters at the beginning. The location has been fixed at Suntec Convention Centre. The number of the electric scooter is expected to increase on demand. Telepod is planning to set up zones at Gardens by the Bay and around MRT stations.Suntec City Electric Scooter Trial View

Currently, it will cost just $1 for every 10 minutes use of an electric scooter. The price will also change after the trial period.

How to access these scooter: To access or borrow these scooters, the user has to download an app which will generate a QR code. That QR code will be needed when returning the scooter to the designated place.

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