Self Balancing Electric Scooters – What & How?

Self-balancing electric scooters are very high-tech scooters different from the conventional scooters. These scooters are also known as Hoverboards, Airboard, and Segway. The great thing is these scooters are getting popular day by day among the people. During 2015, these scooters were the main gadget to the people for buying on different occasions.

What is a Self-Balancing Electric Scooter?


Named one of the most viral scooters, these electric scooters are quite new to the people. Self-balancing scooters are very easy to handle. These scooters also have no seat to sit. These are ride only by standing on them. These scooters have sensors, and the sensor gets the command from the microprocessor. The sensor has ear balancing system, which ensures the rider not to fall under any circumstances. There are several microprocessors in some scooters. If one stops working, other will start working immediately, and the rider will be notified about the system failure too. There are 2 types of these scooters, 1 wheel scooter, and 2 wheels scooter. Nevertheless, to get a fine balance, 2 wheels scooters are the best.
There was a number issue been spotted in last few years about the safety about this hoverboard.  But looks like all the hoverboard manufacturers are developing quite safe and reliable hoverboard, so there is not much to worry about just yet.

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How does it work?How to hoverboard

It is a vital question by the people who never experienced a ride on the self-balancing scooter. The controlling of the self-balancing electric scooter is quite easy. To accelerate the rider has to lean forward and to stop the rider needs to move backward. To turn left the rider needs to forward the right handlebar and to turn right the rider needs to backward the same handlebar.

Self-balancing electric scooters run by battery and most of the time Lithium battery. These scooters can cover 20 to 70 km coverage on a single charge of the battery with the speed of 20 KPH maximum.

These self-balancing electric scooters are not perfect for riding on the road. These are the best for the sidewalks and less crowded places.



Self-balancing scooters are urban vehicles, and these are mostly used in the cities than the countrysides. In the city streets and sidewalks, these are mostly found now a day. There are many benefits of using these scooters.

  • These scooters are very easy and simple to operate in any place.
  • A Very low chance of any accident.
  • Eco-friendly as these scooters are run by battery power.
  • Less power consuming and rechargeable battery enables long time use.
  • Noise free and enjoyable riding.
  • Best alternative vehicle.
  • No fuel cost.
  • Light weight and portable
  • Have good speed perfect for all.
  • Convenient to go for shopping, office and other near places.
  • Affordable price.

Tips to Ride Safely

To ride on these scooters safely, you must follow these important tips.

  • Don’t ride them on sand or muddy surface.
  • Avoid crowded areas.
  • Avoid slippery surfaces.
  • To go backward, minimize the acceleration.
  • Don’t try to stunt with these.
  • Always clean the scooter and keep it in a clean place.


There are several brands in the market, which produce self-balancing electric scooters. But, CoolReall, Segway, Solowheel scooters and FitUrbo are the best known.


Where to buy?

To buy a self-balancing electric scooter, you can go to the market or any retail shop. However, you can also buy a self-balancing electric scooter staying at your home through online. Besides, Ebay & Amazon are the right places for you.

Do you want to enjoy scooter riding with high tech-scooters? Then these Self Balancing Electric Scooters are for you. These are very nice looking, attractive, easy handling, safe and cheap to use in any place and condition. So, don’t be late and buy one of these Self Balancing Electric Scooters as early as possible.

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