Scooter Store Near Me – Where to Buy a Scooter?

Electric scooter is in the verse of expansion and people from various countries are using it vastly for their daily needs as alternative transportation. But it seems there are still shortages of finding a store or shop near you where you can closely explore or find a solution to your findings.
Finding a scooter store whether to buy or repair is not so difficult when you know exactly what are you looking for.

Why do you need a store for scooters?

Generally, most people search for an electric scooter store close to their locations as you just typed in the search engine from your phone or laptops. There are mainly two reasons why people want to find a scooter store or shop. Firstly, you might want to visit a store to buy one, or secondly, you must have inquiries or issues about an electric scooter. 

No matter what is the purpose you are after eventually, you need a solution to your problem. This is where we explained a few options that are available to find a store easily.

What are the available options?

If you are looking for buying or repairing an electric scooter near you, there are simply a few places you can try first. A physical store or shop is more convenient and reliable source where you can deal with a customer service salesperson face-to-face and get an overall review with the pros and cons of the particular scooter. Whereas, you can try a virtual store like Amazon, a trusted and popular online shopping marketplace, to find an item in a competitive price ranges.

Where you can purchase an electric scooter?

Local Stores

You can get an electric scooter from a local store or retailer shop. Unfortunately, most local shops aren’t considered brand shops. Usually, they sell from a variety of brands and models within limited options for their valuable customers.
A few of them might be authorized dealers from the top brands while others are specialized in variable categories of scooters.

To find a local store, you can simply type on google for a local electric store near you and it will show you different electric scooter stores close by with map and directions. You can also find contact details from the information provided. We recommend giving a call about your inquiries before left for the shop.

Retailer Stores

Brand Stores

If you have a specific brand in mind to choose the scooter from, you should probably try locating a brand store if available. But you should also keep that in mind that there aren’t many brand stores “in original” like for example Razor, Segway, X-treme or Glion.

Instead, you can find a dealer or retailer shop nearby from the official website which is more authentic and reliable. Most renowned and popular electric scooter brands have some common authorized retailer stores like Walmart, Target, Kmart, and Best Buy. They all are trusted and sell the authorized products at a reasonable price or even give offers sometimes.

Moreover, you can buy an electric scooter either from the brand official website or dealer’s website and pick up from the nearest retailer shop. This way you don’t need to pay an extra shipping charge and receive the product more quickly. 

Mega Stores


You can hardly find someone who hasn’t been familiar with the name Walmart. This is one of the largest growing American retailer brands that has 11,484 stores and clubs across 27 counties in the world. It operates its activities in different names in other countries but in the USA and Canada, Walmart is the official name. Moreover, its 2.2 million private employees are working for this corporation.

Walmart is been recognized as one of the biggest retailer shops in the world and they also have a variety of electric scooters where you can buy an electric scooter from different brands scooters. You can also purchase from using its official website and even pick it up from the nearest local store. Sometimes you can get lucky with a free shipping offer ordering from online and even get a discount for pickup from a local store.


Another popular retailer brand, Target Corporation, is an American retail corporation brand which is the 8th largest in the United States. It has around 1900 stores in the US. This is another place where you can find an electric scooter to buy from. They have many types and models electric scooters from different brands like the Razor, Jetson, Segway, VIRO, and even GoTrax.

Instead of finding a local electric scooter store where you might have a limitation, you can try one of Target retailer shops for various models, and sometimes you can get cheaper in price indeed. Even they have an official website that you might use to order your product. Also, they have pick-up from the store or drive up option for their valuable customers.

Best Buy

One of the renowned and popular electronics retailer stores in the USA is the Best Buy Co., Inc, an American brand. They have a variety of products mostly on electronics and appliances. You can find many brands of electric scooters from the nearest store or from their official website.

Brands like Bird, Razor, Swagtron, Jetson, Hover, and others are available in their stores. Our suggestion is to check their official website for selection and simply order it. They have also pickup from store and quick shipping options available.
If you are not sure or want to know more about the product, you can go and ask one of their professional salespersons about more features and details before buying an electric scooter.


Unlike other retailer shops, Kmart is also a nationwide popular retailer of electronics, clothing, and home decor. This isn’t the place where you can find many options for electric scooters. But they have a department under scooters and brands like Razor, VIRO, and Gymax electric scooters are available.

You can use their official website to order or visit the nearest local store to buy one. It has also pickup and free delivery options available.

Online Stores

Online Stores


Amazon is the biggest and giant e-commerce online store in the world. This is one kind of virtual store where thousands of products around the world are sold by Amazon. The difference between a physical store and a virtual store is that mostly there are no physical stores in the virtual marketplace like Amazon. It works as a middleman and connects manufacturers to customers using a website. 

As a trusted and secured online store, Amazon has huge collections of electric scooters from multiple brands. You can also find a new brand or design of electric scooter that might not be available in local stores. Moreover, you can find each product under specified categories and nicely organized by filters. 

For example, if you want to find an electric scooter for adults, you can simply type “electric scooter” on the search bar in Amazon. A whole lot of electric scooters will pop up to your screen under several categories like Brands, Ratings, User, Material or even the Price range. An advanced filter can truly help you find more specific items that you are searching for. 

Whether you like it or not, verified customer reviews from various users are more helpful than any other search factors in Amazon. Also, it helps you to decide to choose whether the product is really suitable for you or not.

Additionally, you can ask any questions regarding the product and more likely to get a reply directly from the manufacturer or seller. The return policy is also not that complicated which might happen to local stores as well.

One more thing that might encourage you to shop online. Detailed product reviews and features are given in the Amazon with spectacular images so that a customer can get an overview about the searched product. Also, hundreds of affiliate marketers are associated with Amazon who test the products and review them on their personalized websites.

Overall, this is one of the largest and most popular online stores that can save a lot of time and money searching in your local areas while you can do it from home.


Another biggest and well-known online store is called eBay, an American multinational e-commerce corporation. Its actions are quite similar to Amazon and sell all sorts of materials from clothing to vehicles. The major difference between Amazon and eBay is that eBay has a bidding or auction system to buy a product where Amazon doesn’t.

If you are looking to buy a used electric scooter, eBay is better than Amazon as both sell new and used products. Also, eBay is popular for finding antiques or products that are no longer available in the local market. But you may find only a few options or products compared to Amazon.

Official websites

As we discussed in mega stores like Walmart, Target, Kmart and Best Buy that these are the common authorized dealers for electric scooters. You should also remember that most electric scooter brands have their own official websites like for Razor. 

So if you want to purchase a fixed brand or model scooter, you can try purchasing online from the official website for your selected electric scooter. Some of you might fall into the trap and buy it from an unfamiliar and unauthorized website. There is a chance that you may not get the authentic product which perhaps a clone or Chinese low-quality product.
So before you shop online, always be careful and try to use a popular and trusted website for shopping purposes.

Where to find repair parts shop near me?

Google It

If you need a store near you for repair parts or replacement parts for your electric scooter, you can search on google and find the nearest local shops or online retail shops for your needs. There are many shops available for spare parts for your electric scooters but sometimes it might be difficult to find exact match from a physical shop. 

In that case, you can search the official websites like Razor who sell replacement parts as per the specific model. This way, you don’t need to waste your time explaining instead type in the model and they will give you the options. Also, you can contact the customer service for more details.

Use Yelp App

There is an App called Yelp which helps you to find the closest physical stores near you. Even it shows a short detail about the shop with directions and contact details. Using this app, you can find the desired scooter store near you very quickly. Luckily, it has a website as well, in case you don’t have the app installed.

Search in Local Stores

Local stores like electric scooter shops in small areas, retailers, or dealer shops are a good place to start. If you can find a store where they sell electric scooters, there is a chance you might find the spare parts or replacement parts. Otherwise, you can nicely ask them where to find one.

Order it Online Store

In most cases, you will find the specific repair parts or replacement parts from online stores like Amazon or eBay. There are also many other websites that are only selling the repair parts online. So if you are comfortable and certain about the parts details, our recommendation will be using an online store.

Advantage of Physical Shop or Store 

We highly recommend buying an electric scooter from a physical shop or store near you unless you want to stay at home and wait for the delivery. There are several important matters that let us consider visiting a local store for purchasing a scooter.
When you go to a local store, there is a chance to compare many scooters at face-to-face comparison and also you can identify the real color and outlook before buying one.

Besides, you can get a proper measurement or dimension of an electric scooter while you need to imagine for online store. In a physical store, you can also take a close observation and check any defaults of the scooter.

Additionally, a professional and more experienced salesperson might help you explaining important specs and warranty matters of the product clearly. Also, the chance of getting an authentic product is much higher at a physical store than online. In fact, you will receive the product almost instantly or very short-time.

Keep In Mind

Physical store is not always advantageous as it might seem. There are also a few lacking where an online store is a winner. If you do shopping from a physical store, the chance of getting a variety of bands in a single store is quite impossible. So you might miss the best one that you should have.

Maximum physical stores are selling electric scooters that are popular but mostly older models. Moreover, there is no chance that a salesperson will tell you about the down part of the product where you need a verified customer review.

Not the last but least, finding a local store may take some times or even longer while you can simply google it online from anywhere at any time.

Advantages of Online Stores

The world is getting digitalized means you can do almost everything online. It saves a lot of time and energy for everyone. Even having a digital platform or virtual store can reduce product costing as manufacturers don’t require a selling point or local store for display purposes. 

The top advantage of an online store is that you can shop 24/7 in 365 days a year. It means you can order anytime from anyplace with simply using the internet. You can also track your product when ordered at online.

Due to vast competitors and product range, you will have plenty of options for comparison among multiple products. You can also get an honest verified user review while at physical store sales representative will pursue you to buy the product.

For a lot of customers, who are not comfortable with bargaining or shy to ask any questions about the product, an online store is perhaps the best choice for them. In fact, you can get a cheaper price from online as it gives a discount or promotional offer.

Keep In Mind

An online store might be good for a lot of people but need some close attention and awareness. As a lot of frauds are hunting and active in a virtual platform, you must be very careful before shopping online. This is why we recommend choosing a trusted and popular online store to be secured.

Unlike a physical store, you may face a delay in the delivery of your products online. Also, there is no physical connection or feeling with your merchandise before you receive it. Additionally, if you are not familiar with online shopping, this might be a little intensive and pressure for the first time.

Final Verdict

It doesn’t really matter whether you shop from a physical store or online store as long as you are comfortable and confident before buying an electric scooter or looking for repair parts. In this article, we may emphasize you shop online as it is the most easiest and convenient way of shopping nowadays. So why lag behind? Hope we were able to answer your question of where to find scooter near you.

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