Razor Ecosmart Metro Electric Scooter Review

The ultimate Razor EcoSmart Metro is winning over many electric scooters over the last few years. You must be wondered why does an electric scooter like Ecosmart is so much in demand. In this article, we have reviewed the key features in depth and also explained a few things to consider before you purchase Razor EcoSmart. 

Who Is This e-Bike For?

With zero emission and no pollution to the climate refers Razor EcoSmart Metro is an eco-friendly transport for short distance commuting. People who love to avoid traffic and riding around or maneuver around with an eco-friendly motor device, this electric bicycle type scooter is best for them.

This scooter is best suitable for adults and older teenagers for riding with friends or family in the neighborhood or to go to work or for errands. Having a top speed up to 18 mph and a continuous 40 minutes ride extends the fun time and gives the rider with maximum comfort. If you are looking for a classic, stylish, reliable and comfortable e-bike, the Razor EcoSmart is best suitable for you. 

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Key Features of Razor Ecosmart Metro

  • Top Speed : 18-20mph 
  • Range : up to 60 Minutes
  • Max Weight: 220 lbs
  • Motor: 500W 
  • Wheel Size: 16 Inches
  • Age : 16+

500W Motor

Power of an electric scooter motor makes a big difference to its overall performance. Razor is providing a 500-watt motor to Ecosmart Metro for high-torque and high-performance to its. This chain-driven motor is better than 250W or 350w motor in every ways but can’t beat the best of all. Since the revolution of electric scooter taken place, more and more powerful electric scooters are taking over the market.

Speed & Range

Riding an electric scooter is far better than walking, and surely a quick tour to your friend’s house or going for errands gets easier with a compact electrical transportation, like Razor Ecosmart Metro. This is an alternative way of transportation made for short-distance trips. So the speed, particularly, is not an issue for many riders.

This electric scooter has powered by 500w motor that a max speed up to 18 miles per hour (29 km/h). It may not seem quite fascinating but if someone enjoys the cool breeze and scenarios, this is way better than a lot of e-scooters out there.

Having variable speed-control can easily be maintained by hand-operated throttle and adjust the speed as you it going. For an absolute beginner, given speed by Ecomart is more than enough and surely not a recommendation for kids below 16 years of age.

Even the scooter can take you up to 10-12 miles range with its single charged batteries. Apparently, the razor claims to give up to 40 minutes of continuous ride which is around 12 miles on single charge. But in general, the travel range depends on several circumstantial matters like weight, types of terrain, speed control etc.

sually, the range depends on weight of the rider, cold or rain type weather and terrain whether it is smooth, rocky, hills or flat. So you can make an assumption on the range before getting this e-scooter. And also there is no speedometer. 

Pneumatic Tires

Coming with 16-inch pneumatic tube tires in Razor Ecosmart Metro make it absolutely peerless and let the rider experience unparalleled comfort while riding it. This traditional bicycle look spoke tires are built to take the load of a rider and absorb the shocks and bumps on different terrains.

Normally, pneumatic tires are quite familiar nowadays for its performance and undeniable convenience. But it has a major disadvantage that you can get a puncture with this type of tires. Even though, the tube is used inside this pneumatic (air-filled) tries to protect the wheels from getting flat but still no guarantee.

If you want something classic and traditional bicycle type scooter, the Razor Ecomart is one of the best of all. 

36V Battery

Having in total 36V battery, compacted under the deck is a great addition to Razor EcoSmart. It has three 12 volt, 7Ah sealed acid batteries that takes about 12hours max to charge. As lead acid batteries are heavier, the Razor has designed to balance the weight on center line of frame.

Though, the charging time is not convenient compared to lithium-ion batteries nowadays. The good news is that the batteries compartment of this scooter is big enough to upgrade lead acid batteries to lithium-ion batteries which are more advanced and powerful. But it is expensive too. 

Disc Brake

The braking system of an electric scooter is a vital element for the safety of the rider. Keeping that in mind, Razor Ecosmart has incorporated with a rear disc brake for smooth and responsive braking. As the max speed is 18 miles per hour, a rear disc brake is sufficient for stopping at safe distance.

The brake system is controlled and operated by the left hand. Also, the brake lever is smooth enough and nicely positioned at the handlebar. 

Weight Limit

An average weight limit for US male and female is ranging from 168 pounds to 196 pounds. An average weight doesn’t mean the maximum weight of a person. You will find riders up to 400 pounds using special electric scooters that carry a max load. So it is obvious to know the weight capacity of an electric scooter before you ride it. 

Razor EcoSmart is a solid build and carry a maximum weight up to 220 pounds (100kg) which is suitable for an average person. If you are weighing more than 200 pounds, we will recommend going for special e-scooter for heavy adults. For example: if you are weight about 230 pounds, you can still use this scooter but it will affect the performance of the product or even break down at any time. So our recommendation will be sticking at the weight limit for better performance and safer ride. 

Adjustable Seat

Razor EcoSmart comes with fixed seat electric scooter means you seat and ride. The bicycle type seat is standard and replaceable which is not necessary as it is very comfortable and padded seat. You can also adjust the height of the seat as per required level which is easy to set. The seat can be lower approximately 1.5 feet measuring from the top to the ground.

You may find many electric scooters without the seat and stand while riding it. Here, it is not recommended to ride standing. The seat can be removed but still, you will have the pole as it is connected to the rear wheel. If you insist, you can ride with or without the seat or basket.

Sturdy & Solid Built

Riding is not the only requirement for e-scooter riders. The design and look are also important as well as riding. Riding capacity with max weight depends on the built quality of an electric scooter. So it is the ultimate goal to build an electric scooter sturdy and innovative.

Razor Metro is designed as an eco-friendly altered transportation that requires no gasoline and emits zero-emission. The frame is structured with steel and finish with powder-coated color to keep it last long and glossy. Since released, it gets to win over many riders over the years for its classic look and solid built construction.

This versatile e-scooter is not only electric but also positive to a green environment. Since the COVID-19 pandemic, we realized the important facts about nature and it’s time to be more conscious about it. Instead of polluting the environment, we can rather use safe transportation which is already available. So, an electric scooter like Razor EcoSmart is one of the options to go green. 

Bamboo Deck

Most of the electric scooter’s decks are made of aluminum that is lighter in weight. It can also be made of wood like skateboards, nylon, fiberglass, and composites materials. In this scooter, we see bamboo deck which is laminated and renewable. The deck is strong enough to last longer but not indestructible. It is screwed on the steel frame and wide enough for an adult to keep the foot on it. The batteries are placed underneath the deck. 

Throttle Control

From our personal opinion, we prefer the concept of throttle for acceleration. In this e-scooter, we will get variable speed throttle control that means you can control your speed as you go. It is located on the right-hand side handlebar, a soft-rubber twist-grip handle; you can control the throttle of this scooter. The more you turn the right handle, the faster it goes up to 18 mph. 

Rack & handlebar

A detachable luggage rack is also available with this e-scooter. This is probably not so important for many riders but it comes in handy when carrying a basket of groceries, fragile items or tools to your neighborhood or to work nearby. The rack is screwed to its rear fender and can easily be removed or installed anytime you want.

The handlebar is long enough for most adults but if you are not comfortable with the height, you can always adjust the handlebar rake. 


Razor is well aware of the safety of its riders. According to the manufacturer, the ages limit sets to a minimum of 16 years of age. The speed is not well suited for beginner and as there are no speed control features other than throttle control separately, it is kind of a concern for parents as well.

This is an electric scooter without headlight and taillights for other pedestrians or vehicles to see. So it is highly recommended not to ride at dark at any case. Also do ride or store in freezing or below freezing temperatures as it damages the battery life permanently. For newbie kids, parental guideline must be followed for the safety of your children.


The Razor EcoSmart comes with 90 days limited warranty by the manufacturer. Limited warranty doesn’t cover everything. So before you shop or claim, it’s better to read the manual for warranty of this electric scooter. Extended warranty can also be possible in some cases but it will only be honored by the store you purchased from. 


Nothing lasts forever, so as this Razor EcoSmart. It needs maintenance and repair of small parts in time. To find the right parts of the specific model, Razor is introducing the barcode to each of its products. You will also find a barcode on the side of the deck of this e-scooter. In case you need a replacement part, all you need is the barcode to find the exact parts for it on the Razor official site. This way you don’t need to worry about finding information about the damaged parts which you need to replace.

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Things to consider before buying an Razor EcoSmart Metro:

Electric Scooter Brands


Why brand is so important to buy an electric scooter? It is not only electric scooter, Brand is always important to consider before anything for your use. Let’s give an example of buying a mobile phone with no renowned brand. Will it make you happy?

Brand is trust and a brand doesn’t create in one day. Long and hard efforts make something a brand. An electric scooter brand like Razor is one of the leading brands in the market for reliability and high-quality materials and trust from thousands of customers. There are several e-scooters brands rivaling with Razor that are Swagtron Glion, SEGWAY, Gotrax, Hover, NANROBOT and etc.

So before you buy an electric scooter, give a try to priority to a branded e-scooter that will give you more satisfaction and reliability than a new, shiny scooter. Our personal opinion is to follow the trend, as many new products perform much better than popular ones. 

Motor & Power

The more powerful the motor is in an electric scooter, the higher the capacity you will get it from. The motor is a very important part of an electric scooter. If you want high-torque, better performance, and speed, you better choose high watt motor for your e-scooter. The power is measured by watt in an electric motor. The power of a motor is ranging from 200W to 8000W in an electric scooter.

The question arises; do you really need the max watt for your scooter? No, you don’t need the high watt motor for your electric scooter. For maximum riders, a motor power from 250W to 800W is considered safe for the beginner or experienced riders. Whoever likes more speed and power can go higher. 

Speed & Range

Speeding is fun for riders but not always safe as well. You can get a max speed from 12 mph to 80 mph from electric scooters depending on power and brands. In some places, speeding over 30mph is illegal when somewhere needs licence to ride it. It is recommended to check with your local transport authority and laws about riding an electric scooter and speed limit.

For the daily commute, a rider needs a max range if it uses an electric scooter. It won’t feel good at all, with a fully charged electric scooter, stopped at halfway through at your destination. Most e-scooters are made for short distance trip while a few are made for mileages. You need to decide how far you want to ride with your scooter on a single charge before purchasing one.

If you like short trip like riding along the neighborhood, home to work or grab a thing from nearest grocery store, this Razor EcoSmart is best suited with max speed up to 18 mph and a 40 minutes continuous ride. 

Battery & Charging

Lead acid battery used to rule over many years since the lithium battery arrives. The Lithium-ion batteries are more compact, durable and powerful than lead acid batteries but it needs protection from overcharged and expensive.The lead acid battery is reliable and cheaper to replace but less powerful and take longer to fully charged.

If you consider buying this razor EcoSmart, then you must accept the time will take for three 12 volt batteries and updating to lithium-ion batteries will be expensive. 

Braking System

For safety and balancing, braking system is very crucial for an electric scooter. All modern electric scooters come with hydraulic or disc brake as well electrical braking features for smooth and responsive stopping. Brakes help to control the speed and maintain the balance when turning. It is also very important to stop when needed and a good braking system will act smoothly on that.

In this EcoSmart Metro, you will get disc brake at the rear wheel that is standard braking system. An update to front disc brake would be perfect for this e-scooter. But you don’t need to worry if you ride on your backyard or quite road or even at your neighborhood with low speed

Design & Built

Electric scooters are design as eco-friendly with zero emission to help protecting environment and stay safe. As cost efficient transport and altered to public transportation, uses of an electric scooter is growing so fast. Thus many manufacturers are involving and producing a variety of design and look electric scooters to attract customers. Some of it, you can ride while standing and some of it while seating.

The built quality also varies from each product and brands. Some used heavy materials like steel and some used aluminum for lightweight. More or less, every product comes with product description and tested by dummy models. You may not get the exact performance as it says because it depends on several circumstantial factors like weather conditions, weight, speed and terrains.

The razor EcoMart is designed and structured to feel riding a traditional bi-cycle not by paddling but electric power. This versatile design is best suited for riders who like short-trip and fun ride with kids and family. 

Wheels & Suspension

Wheels and suspension are the foremost part of an electric scooter. As the tires touch the surface directly and the suspension helps to reduce shocks transferring into vibration, you should be well aware of the matter if you want riding comfort. Pneumatic tires (air-filled) tires also help absorbing shocks otherwise.

You will get spoked 16 inch pneumatic tires with Razor EcoSmart that is more like bicycle type and good enough for riding in flat terrain. As the razor doesn’t have any suspension, you will feel a little bumpier on uneven terrain. 

Water Proof / Resistance

Many scooters come with water resistance features by many grades. Ultimately, water-resistance and waterproof are not the same, in terms. As the electric scooter is battery operated and electric, it is sensitive to water anyways and not a recommendation to ride in a rainy day or wet day. A little splash of water is just fine but if you drain out your electric scooter with water, it will damage the electric parts in time.

In this e-scooter, there is a gap between the deck and batteries and water can easily get into the battery compartment and damage it. Also the frame is metal and meant to rust if you keep it wet weather for long. So our recommendation is not to ride in wet conditions and store it in dry place.

Foldable & Portability

Most e-scooters are foldable and weigh lighter for carrying it or store it in small compacted areas. It is a great feature for people who like to keep it short and smart. But this Razor EcoSmart is not foldable for fixed built and weigh about 67 pounds that makes hard to carry by one person. If you have a SUV, it will fit into the trunk without any problem. This scooter has also a nice looking kickstand which is retractable. If you want to park the e-scooter, all you need to tract the kickstand out. 

If you are comfortable with non-foldable option and don’t worry about carrying it in by yourself, this scooter is very much suitable for you. 

Climbing Hills

If you live in hilly areas and planning to get an electric scooter like Razor EcoSmart, this will not suitable for you. The amount of power and speed it has on this e-scooter is enough for small slopes but it will start getting slow when climbing a steep hill and can cause damaging your electric scooter. This scooter is perfect for riding on smooth and flat terrain but definitely not a recommendation for climbing uphill.


None of the electric scooters come pre-assembled. Most of the cases, 90% are done by the manufacturer and the rest can be done following manuals. You don’t need to be an expert or engineer to assemble an electric scooter if you can read the manual properly. If you are still not comfortable, then you can get help from your neighbor and it will only takes minutes to complete. Razor EcoSmart also needs assembly before using it and need some tools which will be included with the product. 

Value for money

There are many electric scooters with the same range available in the market. Though each brand and products may vary from each other, you need to decide which one best suited for your needs. And most particularly, you need to concentrate on your budget and whether you are getting the value for the money price. For beginner, you may not need the expensive one while a pro doesn’t need the most powerful one. So our suggestion will be stick to your budget and compare as much products possible as per your requirements. 

What we liked

  • Reaches maximum speed up to 18 mph
  • Up to 40 minutes of continuous ride
  • Sturdy, classic and solid built design
  • 16 inches spoked pneumatic tires for smooth ride
  • Renewable bamboo deck
  • Detachable luggage rack with basket
  • Adjustable seat and handlebar
  • Twist-grip throttle control
  • Available replacement parts

what we did not like

  • Up to 12 hours charging time
  • Not foldable and at ease of portability
  • No LED display or anti-theft features
  • Upgrading parts is expensive
  • Not suitable for climbing uphill 
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Is it worth buying EcoSmart Metro?

Razor EcoSmart is for short trip commuter and cost-efficient altered transport for many users. This scooter will give you a standard speed up to 18 mph with decent mileage. As it is one of the traditional bicycle type scooters, this will give you tons of fun and remind you of childhood memories. With its classic look, sturdily built, reliable brand, comparative speed, and versatile use make this scooter value for the money for sure.

Is Razor EcoSmart Metro upgradable?

Yes. You can upgrade a few things at Razor EcoSmart Metro but it will be expensive. For example: you can change 36 volt 7Ah batteris into 36 volt 12Ah lithium-ion batteries and it may cost you approximately 200 dollars to 400 dollars. You can also update the seat, deck or even the motor.

Why Razor EcoSmart is very popular?

Razor is one of the leading brands for electric scooters now. Due to its high-quality materials and trust, people are fond of using their products. Razor EcoSmart is one of the bicycle type electric scooters that comes with decent speed and range as well as good for quick commuting. Riding and maneuvering around with this classic look e-scooter, reminding you of childhood memories, make it very popular among hundreds of e-scooters. 

Final Verdict

There is not only one option available for choosing the best electric scooter for you. Razor EcoSmart Metro Electric Scooter is surely an exceptional and remarkable electric scooter for speed, style and reliability compared to the similar products within the price range. You need to decide whether it is suitable for your needs and budget before your final move. 

Alternative Scooters

We have published a complete list of all electric scooters with seat.

Some of the other comparable scooters are:


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