Electric Scooter Razor E90 Review

Razor E90Razor E90 is one of the most popular electric scooters among the users for its convenient features and low price. It is considered the cheapest of Razor’s electric scooters. To provide maximum comfort and safety, this scooter is perfect one you are looking. But why you should buy this scooter? Let’s see razor e90 review & what’s in it!

Razor E90 Electric Scooter Features

From kids to adults, E90 is one of the best for all types of riders. It has some stunning features to make your ride enjoyable.

Speed: This electric scooter has a very comfortable speed of 9 mph. For covering short destination, this speed is perfect. The push button throttle provides a smooth acceleration.

Battery: 12V rechargeable battery has a long life to provide service for long. This powerful battery gives 4o continue minutes ride time with a single charge.

Battery charge: This powerful battery takes 12 hours to get a full charge.

Motor: The motor is high torque and chain driven and has a very easy start by simply kicking, which gives a smooth and noise free ride. This motor enables the kids to ride with a 9 mph speed.

Weight: This electric scooter has only 22 pounds of weight. This light weight helps the rider to handle it quite easily.

Brakes and wheels: The 8’’ rear and front tires give superior grip on the road and ensure a smooth ride. Foot braking system is efficient enough to avoid any accident and collision.

Material: High-quality steel made this scooter durable to last long. The strong frame made this scooter to bear the load of 120 pounds of any rider.

Safety & comfort: The tight brake ensures the safety. The deck has a large size to stand freely on it.

Additional Features: Kickstand enables a quick and easy parking to any place. The rubber hand grip helps to get a firm grip on the handle bar to handle the scooter easily. UL approves battery charger enables any time charging with ease.

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Razor E90 Review

Now you will find the benefits of this scooter as well as it drawbacks too. Here is razor E90 review with pros & cons


Razor E90 review

  • It has safe and comfortable 9 mph speed.
  • Push button throttle helps to accelerate the scooter easily.
  • The motor is heavy duty and enables a noise free riding.
  • The battery guarantees 40 minutes continue to ride with a single charge.
  • Foot braking system ensures the safety of the rider.
  • Only 22 pounds of weight makes this scooter very simple to control and to carry this scooter in any place.


  • Some users complain that the chain sometimes falls off.
  • It has no seat, and that makes it good for only short distance.
  • Foot braking system ensures the safety of the rider.
  • Only 22 pounds of weight makes this scooter very simple to control and to carry this scooter in any place.

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User Recommendations

  • This electric scooter is recommended to use for only the user of 10 years or above 10 years. Below 10 years old are not allowed to ride on it.
  • Don’t over charge the battery. Keep an eye on the battery while charging.

Maintenance and Installation

Proper maintenance is the key to making the scooter better and to get service year after year.

  • Try to avoid riding on unsmooth and uneven roads or surfaces.
  • To assemble and to separate the parts, always follow the user manual given by the manufacturer.
  • Keep the nuts and bolts tight for safety and make a regular check on them.

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Benefits of Razor E90

Unless you know the benefits of this scooter you can’t decide why you will buy this scooter. Here are the benefits of this scooter which will help you to buy this.

  • razor e90Chain-driven smooth motor free from annoying noise.
  • Powerful battery with long distance coverage.
  • Thick tire and tight brake for safety.
  • Very light weight to control and to carry easily.
  • Preferable speed.
  • Battery use saves fuel cost.


Do you want to save some cash while covering the short distance near your home? This is the best alternative to you. Its convenient features and benefits will surely help you save some cash and will make you enjoy the riding on it.


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