Encourage Kids to Play Outdoor with Electric Scooters

Electric scooters are very popular among kids today, not only kid even us adults are drawn to them. Electric scooters have become a great alternative mode of transport for kids also providing great joy. Electric scooters encourage children to spend more time outdoors rather than spending time watching television or playing video or computer games. Electric scooters are a perfect gifting idea for kids instead of playing indoor games, as we all are aware of the side-effects of playing excessive PC games and watching TV.

One of the biggest advantages of buying an electric scooter is that they are clean as they do not pollute the environment, less noisy, and very simple and easy to operate. As the name suggests these scooters are electrically charged hence are less powerful and cannot be taken for long distances. But, that doesn’t mean they cannot be taken out to nearby neighborhoods. Other than a mode of transport for kids they also serve as toys, which they enjoy.

There are smaller electric scooters ideally designed for kids with much lower power output. These 100W-350W electric scooters are a great toy if you follow all the safety rules by wearing correct safety gears. As parents it our duties to ensure kids ride these scooters at proper designated areas and away from regular traffic and areas that are accident prone. Kids need to be responsible enough to know and understand where to use these scooters. By gifting an electric scooter you can show the amount of trust you have on your kid’s abilities and independence. These scooters come with a lot of safety features, but require some parental observation.

Find Out More About Kids Electric Scooters

Since the motor of these types of scooters is electric driven they are very Eco-friendly. Generally electric scooter for kids is made from double welded structure making them extremely durable and lightweight. Safety features include a rear hand brake for the rider to maintain speed without losing the balance while riding. They can be used even on rough terrains because they use pneumatic kind of wheels and are capable of holding weights up to 120 pounds. The chain drive motor and belt drive motor system increases the speed and maneuverability. In some models you can set the speeds to different limits. Electric scooters battery can be charged in under four hours. The only drawback of electric scooters is its battery life, which runs out pretty fast.

Some of the advantages of electric scooters are as follows:

  • Can be used by both boys and girls
  • Easily customized with different color options
  • Light weight and durable
  • Environment friendly product
  • Doesn’t use expensive gas
  • Ample space for placing both feet while riding
  • Can go up to 20mph
  • Can be used on rough terrains, sidewalks due to the big tires
  • Climbs hills effortlessly
  • Battery lasts for minimum 10 miles

The kids electric scooters are very easy to assemble and kids will surely enjoy riding them. These electric scooters are well built to withstand abuse. Electric scooters are a great toy for kids, but one need to ensure proper safety gear is in place for a complete and safe enjoyable ride for kids. So encourage your kids to play outdoor with electric scooters.

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