Guide for Electric Scooter Parts

Each and every part of the electric scooter is no less important than the scooter itself. You must take a great care of the scooter as well as the scooter parts. If you failed to ensure a good maintenance of the parts of the scooter they will get damaged easily. Sometimes electric scooter parts need to change when they get damaged by use or get too old.

When any part of the scooter get damaged or old, it needs to replace immediately to get the full service of the scooter and run the scooter as smooth as like new one. All parts of electric scooter are available in the market to replace them easily without any trouble. Here we will see which parts of a scooter get damage time to time and have availability in the market.


Battery is the main part of an electric scooter as the scooter run by the battery. A well maintained battery lasts at least for 2-3 years. Most of the scooter batteries give 12 month warranty. From the different types battery making brands, people usually use the batteries by Razor.

UB1250 battery model is for Razor E100, E125, E150, E175. The Mighty Max Battery is best for the E200, E200s, E225, E300, E300s, E325 & E300 model. But it also usable with other scooter models of Razor. The V1280 model is perfect battery for the Pocket Mod scooter.

Battery charger

Battery charger is another important component of the scooter. There are different types if battery charger for different types of scooters. The 24 Volt battery charger is for Razor E100, E200s and E300s. The 36 Volt battery charger is for Razor EcoSmart scooter. There are also other battery chargers like 12 volt, 18 volt, 48 volt and 60 volt. Razor is the most popular battery charger.


The Belt helps the motor to run smoothly. The Belt gets damaged when it is used for a long time. Without a Belt the motor will not start and run. There are 2 different sizes of Belt. 3mm and 5mm. Of the different Belt producing brands Gates, Optibelt and Badoo are the most renowned and used brands.


Brake ensures the safety of the scooter. There are several types of brakes for scooters, There are Band Brakes, Disc Brakes, Drum Brakes, and V-Brakes and for maintenance there are brake cables, brake hardware and brake levers.


Chain is the common feature of the motor of the scooters. Chain helps to get a high speed. Chain also helps to run smoothly. There are standard duty #25 chain, heavy duty #35 chain and 8mm chain for light duty. There are also chain tools and chain lube for the maintenance of the chain.

Speed Controllers

Speed controller is the equipment to control the speed to help braking easily. Speed controller ensures the safety of the rider. From different types of electric scooter speed controllers, users refer Razor, X-Treme, Blade, Currie and GT for their speed controllers.


Motor is the part and parcel of an electric scooter. To cover long and short distance and for high or low speed, motor is the main part. For different types of scooters there are 24, 36, 48 and 60m volt motors. 24 volt motor is for Razor E100, E200s and E300s. 36 volt motor is for Razor EcoSmart. Razor is the most used motor though there are other motors like GT, X-Treme and Pulse.


Sprockets help to run the motor fast and smoothly. These are made with iron and steel. There are #25 Sprockets, #35 Sprockets, and 8mm Sprockets for different types of motor.


Switch is used to start and off the scooter. From different types of switches, you can choose your favorite one. There are key switches, power switches, handlebar switches and thermal switches.


Throttles help to accelerate the scooter easily. 3 different types of scooters are found. Twist, thumb and foot throttles. Twist throttles are the most used for easy use.


Tires are used for smooth ride, fast speed and smooth braking. From 6 inch to 16 inch tires for the scooters. Thickest tires are good for getting firm grip on the road.



Wheels of electric scooters are made by stainless steel. These are very strong and durable. Wheels are usually have tire, chain sprockets, axle and bearing for various types of scooters.

These are the electric scooter parts, which sometimes need to be changed or replaced. You must choose the best quality product to take a great care of your scooter and to get the best service from it.

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