Electric scooter maintenance – Ultimate Guide

After purchasing an electric scooter everyone should read the manual maintenance instructions properly so that one can understand everything in it. The manual instruction will show you the basic things by what you can know about the maintenance tips of your electric scooter but there are also some tips which are left unsaid are also important to maintain your electric scooter. If you don’t have any idea about it I share some tips for electric scooter maintenance in this guide.


  1. How to assemble parts

To assemble parts you have to follow the guide which was given to you with the electric scooter. Which parts will go where & how is mentioned in the guide. If you are confused about the guide you can write down the names of the parts serially when you remove the parts from the scooter. You can also write down the color and label of the parts. This will help you to assemble the parts easily for the next time.

  1. Battery

You have to take care properly of the battery as it is one of the most essential and costly parts of an electric scooter. Before charging the battery you must keep the battery cool because overheat can harm the battery easily. Different types of battery chargers are found in the market but you have to use the original battery charger to take your scooter best care because if you use original charger you don’t have to worry about overcharging as the battery fully charged it becomes shut down automatically.

  1. Inflation of tire

If your scooter’s tires are small you have to inflate the tire properly before a ride. Generally small tires lose air pressure quickly. Use a pump to inflate the tire because sufficient air keeps the tires connected with the surface. It helps you to accelerate and brake properly too.

  1. Perfect tension of chain and belt

The perfect tension of belt and chain is very important for a scooter. It protects your scooter to teeth to slip. You have to use the belt of proper length that you have to press in the center. Fix it and move the rear tire towards the front. If the chain and the belt lead to the teeth to slip for several times then change it and use new chain and belt. When you change the belt you have to make sure that the belt hub does not get any damage.

  1. Checking of nuts and bolts

You have to make sure that the nuts and the bolts are not loose. Loose nuts and bolts may the reason of a serious accident. Clean and wipe the chrome pieces properly. Lightly oil the throttle and linkages regularly.

  1. Control box

You must use the right control box as control boxes have different amperages. Before attaching it you must mark all the connectors to make the process easy and fast as these connectors and the harnesses link the motor, brake, battery, and lights. Make sure that the new control box is equal or bigger than the old one.


Proper electric scooter maintenance ensures the best and the safest services of an electric scooter. So follow the instructions mentioned in this guide.


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