Best Electric Scooter Helmet – Top 3 Recommendations for Kids

Helmet is an essential part of riding a scooter for adults and teenagers. For the kids, it is most important and using Helmet is a must. Every year millions of kids get wounded by motor bike, scooter or bicycle accidents. Only in U.S. it is more than half a million. In these accidents, head of kids have more risk to get injured and head injury can even causes death. A survey of kids accidents reveals that, using Helmet reduces head injuries during the accidents most of the time. The good thing is, most of the parents are very conscious about wearing a electric scooter helmet to their kids now a day.

To make the kids safe, Helmet is compared to none. There are other safety gears. But Helmet is the best savior of the kids. So, parents must provide Helmet to their kids when they buy scooters or bicycle for their kids.

Electric Scooter Helmet Buying Guide

Scooter Helmets are of different types. You can choose anyone of them for your kid. But here are some helpful tips for you which will help you to buy the best and most suitable Helmet for your kid to ensure the safety of your baby.

Size: Size is one of the main factors before buying a Helmet. All the Helmets are not similar sized. So, you must test the size of the Helmet by wearing it to your baby or taking the measurement of your kid’s head.

Material: Most of the Helmets are made with hard plastic. You must choose a durable Helmet which will provide greater protection. The Helmet must have padded and foam construction into it to save the kid from any facial damage.

Adjustability: If the Helmet is loose, it will move around or fall off. If the Helmet is too tight, your kid will feel discomfort. So, you should buy the Helmet which will adjust with head of your kid perfectly.

Comfort: Padded and foam construction in the Helmet ensure the comfort of the kid. Vents are also equally important to provide air circulation into the Helmet which help the head of your kid to remain cool while riding on the scooter.

Strap: You must choose the Helmet which has straps which will attach the Helmet tightly to the head of the kid with no chance to fall down.

Price and warranty: Most of the Helmets are cheap and affordable. You will get a great Helmet within your budget. There are different types of warranty given by the manufacturers from 30 days to lifetime. Whatever the warranty, you mustn’t buy a Helmet without warranty.

Top 3 Electric Scooter Helmet

If you’re looking for a Helmet to buy for your kid, here are the 3 best Helmets for you.


1. Razor V-17 Adult Multi-Sport Helmet

Razor usually make electric scooters. But they also make great Helmets too. These Helmet has nice design with soft padded interior to provide maximum comfort. The cutting edge design ensures greater security. 17 vents supply sufficient air to the Helmet to make the head of the rider cool. Side release buckles help to fasten the Helmet quickly and to remain attached with the head. This Helmet is perfect for those who have the head size of 23 to 25 inch. This helmet is also great for biking and skating.

2. Razor Full Face Youth Helmet

For a speedy scooter, this is the perfect Helmet. It has specious space to wear goggles. To protect the mouth, this Helmet has vent. For air circulation, this Helmet provides 17 vents. Extra pads make the Helmet fit with head perfectly. For the 8 years to 14 years and for the 21 inch to 23 inch head, this is most suitable. Kids can enjoy skating, biking and cycling too using this Helmet.

3. Triple Eight Certified Helmet

Another great Helmet only for your kid which has U.S. CPSC Safety Standard for the maximum safety of your kid. The interior of the helmet designed to fit with any sizes of heads with comfort. The vents of it make the head of the rider cool. The important thing is this Helmet is suitable to use while biking, roller skating and skateboarding. The buckles helps to adjust the Helmet with the head properly.


These are the best Helmets in the market. Follow the tips to buy the best electric scooter Helmet and choose any of these Helmets and keep your kid out of danger while riding on a scooter.

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