EcoReco M5 Electric Scooter Reviews

best Electric Scooter for youA great electric scooter for you to fulfill all your demand to ride smoothly on the road. ecoreco M5 electric scooter is a high-tech scooter as well as street legal! This scooter is going to be your ultimate choice as this one has all the features and benefits you expect from an electric scooter.[no_toc]

EcoReco M5 Feature

Motor: Its 1horsepower Brushless DC hub motor is very powerful to give a 15 mph speed.

Weight: It’s 47 pounds weight is very light to control the scooter by any user. It can bear any sizes of an adult around 240 pounds of weight easily.

Durability: The aluminum frame made this scooter durable and strong to last long years after years without any damage.

Battery: The battery of this scooter is heavy duty with 36V 8ah LiFePO4 power.

Battery charge: The battery is good enough to provide 10-mile coverage with a single charge. The battery takes only 4.5 hours to get full charge which quite faster than many other electric scooters.

Safety: It has smart braking system, which is very effective to avoid any accident or collision with other vehicles.

Comfort: The deck has a precious size to give a comfortable standing while riding.

Additional features: The dashboard has LED light. To start the scooter safely, this scooter has a safe start system.

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EcoReco M5 Electric Scooter Reviews

Along with the amazing facilities, this scooter has few disadvantages too. Learn pros & cons of ecoreco M5 electric scooter reviews

EcoReco M5Pros

  • Good speed of 15 mph.
  • Powerful motor for speedy riding experience.
  • 10-mile coverage with a single charge.
  • The smart braking system provides maximum safety.
  • Light weight is perfect for handling and carrying.
  • This scooter takes only 4.5 hours to full charge.
  • Twist throttle enables a fast acceleration.


  • Some users think the 10-mile coverage is not enough.

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Ecoreco M5 Review

Benefits of EcoReco M5

Users usually like this scooter for its benefits unavailable on other scooters on the market.

  • Smooth ride with heavy duty motor.
  • Safe start system.
  • LED lights in the dashboard.
  • Fast acceleration with twist throttle.
  • High powered and long lasting battery to save fuel cost.
  • 10-mile coverage.
  • Lightweight body perfect for everyone.

Maintenance and Installation

  • Try to ride the scooter on smooth surface for longer usability.
  • Following the user guide will be smart decision to assemble the scooter.
  • Always careful about tightening the nut and bolts when you need to separate the parts and re-assemble them.

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User Recommendations

  • Below 12 years are not recommended to use this electric scooter.
  • Keep an in charging the battery. Overcharge will damage the battery life and power.

Roads or sidewalks, this electric scooter is perfect to ride any place & best for adults & teens. if you decide to buy ecoreco M5 electric scooter by reading all its features and benefits above, then you picked the right scooter to ride on. So, buy this scooter and get the experience you have never had.

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