How to clean an electric scooter-Guide & Tips

Are you looking forward to cleaning your scooter in an environment-friendly way? Don’t know how to clean your new scooter? It’s alright! We assure you that you are at the right place. Here in this post, we are going to present you the best way of cleaning your scooter. So, what else are you waiting for? Just go through the lines without delay!

You can use this method to clean your hoverboard, electric bike, and electric unicycle too.

How to Clean Scooter?

There are some people who try various ways to clean their scooter. Some of them simply use soap or mild detergent and hot water; some go for particular polishes. Again, some of them put great effort to clean their scooter.
However, many people wonder about the right way of cleaning scooter. In this post, we have initiated to cover some easy and efficient ways. At the same time, we will also try to guide the scooter lover in an environment-friendly way while washing their scooter.
Before you proceed to wash or to clean your scooter, we think, it is better to know how often you need to wash or clean your scooter. You might consider “the more, the merrier, ” but this old saying doesn’t go in this regard. Also, the most important things you should remember is the electric scooter most often are not water sealed. Although You can buy a few waterproof electric scooter which will be safer to clean with water directly.

How Often Should You Clean Your Scooter?

It is one of the most frequently asked questions that people often ask on various blogs and forums. If you are a newbie, you might get confused how often and when to clean your scooter.
People usually wash their scooter in two times, when getting extremely dirty and when they are not going to use the scooter for a long period. Apart from that, professionals suggest cleaning scooter thoroughly when it is in harsh condition.

Where To Clean Your Scooter?

No matter, whether you are planning to wash your scooter at your bath or any car/bike washes, there are a few things that you need to keep in mind. When you are looking forward to washing your scooter at home, make sure you have taken necessary measures to prevent mixing up of the dust and dirt with the environment.

What to Do While Cleaning?

Here is a list of things you need to do while going to clean your scooter. Make sure you are doing these things right.

  • Ensure that you have tightened up the battery cover before you start to spray water in this area.
  • Make sure the soapy water do not get in touch with chain and bearings of your scooter.
  • You can use your old toothbrush while cleaning the areas hard to reach instead of just throwing water to the spots.
  • Make sure you are using a hose to rinse off the dust first.
  • Make sure you are using an environment-friendly cleaner.
  • Be careful while washing with soap and water.

What Not to Do While Cleaning?

Here is a list of things you should avoid while going to clean your scooter. Make sure you are not doing these things anyway.

  • Avoid spraying pressurized water while cleaning the areas having electrical components like switches, charging port, etc.
  • Don’t spray anything on tires else water. Sprays and wax make the tires get dangerously slippery.
  • Don’t rub dirt and dust on the hard surface. Try to rub them off after spraying water on washable areas.
  • Avoid washing oily muck if there are no precaution measures to prevent pollution.
  • Avoid waxing textured plastic panels, or it will lose the shiny look.
  • Don’t polish seat if you have any. Polish make the seat get slippery.
  • Don’t clean your scooter when the electric motor is hot.
  • Avoid pressure washer in the high setting.

clean scooter

Apart from all these essentials, there are a few parts in your electric scooter that deserve special attention and due care while cleaning. At first, make the things (mentioned above) right and then proceed toward the rest in the following;

Plastic Panels:

Don’t use any chemical cleaners while cleaning plastic panels and decals of your scooter. Sometimes chemical cleaners ruin the prints and paints on the panels. You can only use sprays or wax to make those look shiny.

Electronic Component Areas:

While cleaning the areas having electrical components, don’t spray pressurized water. It might damage the electric functions if you fail to drain the water completely.

Seat and Tires:

While washing seat and tires, try to use plain water with or without soap. Don’t spray anything else or polish the seat and tires of your scooter. Polishes and Sprays make both the seat and tires get slippery, and that might be too dangerous to drive safely.

Chrome and Metal Components:

You can use metal and chrome polish to make the chrome and metal parts shining and glossy after a decent wash. Don’t forget to read the labels of the polish you are going to use. Make sure you are using the right type of polish in the right place to avoid unwanted issues.

Regular cleaning is a must to prolong the lifespan and keep your scooter shiny for years. The weekend can be the best time to clean your scooter. Even if you can’t manage every week, wash your scooter at least twice in a month to keep the scooter working properly. While cleaning your electric scooter, don’t forget to check if any item of your scooter requires maintenance. Don’t delay to troubleshoot if you come up with any issue.


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