Black Super Turbo 1000watt Elite 36v Electric Scooter Reviews

Black-Super-Turbo-1000watt-Elite-36v-Electric-Scooter-Are you going to buy an Electric Scooter? There are lots of Electric Scooters in the market for you. Most of them are built to a high-quality standard. But which one will be the best for you? To remove your confusion here is one of the best for you. This Black Super Turbo 1000 watt Elite 36v Electric Scooter is the ultimate Scooter for you to fulfill all the requirements you want from a Scooter.[toc]

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Features of Black Super Turbo 1000watt

To make it perfect for you, this Electric Scooter has all convenient features you need.

Motor: Heavy duty 1000watt 3000rpm motor is a great one. With this chained motor you can drive the Scooters smoothly on the road without any noise as it is noise free too. The motor starts with key ignition. You can run up to 26 mph with this motor.

Speed: Its average speed is 25-26 mph. But with the Turbo mode, it can run 30 mph. This turbo allows a super fast speed for an Electric Scooter. But you can’t cover a long distance with this kind of speed.

Battery: The Super Turbo 1000-lithium Electric Scooter has a Lithium battery which has a longer life to serve you. With a single charge, it can provide 18-mile coverage 20% extra mileage than the other Electric Scooters.

Battery charge: To get full charge 4-5 hours is enough for this battery and before changing the battery you can charge it for 600 times.

Materials: The body of the Super Turbo 1000 Electric Scooter is made of high-quality tension steel which made the body of this Scooter durable and long lasting.

Weight: This Electric Scooter weighs 85 pounds, and with this weight, it can bear a load of around 300 pounds easily.

Wheels & Brakes: The wheels have aluminum made rim. This Scooter also has disc brake both on the front and the rear wheels.

Safety: Safety is the primary concern of an Electric Scooter. And this Super Turbo 1000 watt Elite 36v Electric Scooter provides a smooth ride with its superior motor and the disc brakes off it provide an extra tight brake to make safe from any accident.

Additional features: The other features like LED lights, tool kit, storage bag, comfortable seat, front suspension and user guide of it will make your ride more comfortable.

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Like the other electric scooters, this Super Turbo 1000 Electric Scooter also has some advantage and disadvantages. First, we will know about the pros.

  • This scooter gives a smooth ride with its 1000watt 3000rpm motor. It is also noise free which will provide a ride with annoyance.
  • Having a 26-mile speed this scooter will help you to reach your destination quickly.
  • The battery of Super Turbo 1000-lithium Electric Scooter gives more mileage to you to cover a long distance.
  • This Electric Scooter can bear at least 300 pounds of weight. So if you are little heavy, it won’t be a problem.
  • Its steel made frame and disc brakes will protect you from accidents.
  • Its size is perfect and very easy to control. Both adults and kids can drive it on the road or the walkways.


  • It is not suitable for riding in a wet area or the rain as it is not water resistant.
  • The Lithium battery costs more when it is time to replace another.

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Installation and Maintenance

  • The installation of the Super Turbo 1000 watt Elite 36v Electric Scooter can be finished within just 2hours. You can finish the installation by following the instructions written in the user guide. You have to attach the additional accessories with the scooter like the handle bar and LED headlight.
  • You have to separate all the parts of it using the toolkit to carry it for traveling. But always be careful to tighten the nuts and bolts for safety when you will re-assemble the Scooter.
  • Super Turbo 1000 Electric Scooter has a battery charger with it. You can charge the battery anytime. Just be aware of the overcharge of the battery.

User Recommendations

  • Super Turbo 1000 Watt Electric Scooter made targeting the adults. But any kids above 12 years can also use it. But don’t buy this scooter for the kids below 12.
  • This scooter is designed to use on the town and city streets and roads. Don’t drive it on the country road which is not pavement or on the uneven and unsmooth surface.
  • Though the motor is powerful, accelerating too quickly will be harmful to the motor. The motor and scooter will work fine if you accelerate slowly and gradually.

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Benefit of Super Turbo 1000 Electric Scooter


Electric Scooters are used as a vehicle

For transportation. But to the kids, Scooters are more like a fun element. As the Scooters have very easy to use and simple maintenance you can also choose the Super Turbo 1000 watt Elite 36v Electric Scooter for your kids too. Super Turbo 1000 Electric Scooter will be the best for you if you’re going to buy an Electric Scooter for its extra benefits.

  • For going to a short distance, it will be the best alternative vehicle as it can cover short distance quickly by its fast speed.
  • Unlike the Scooters, it doesn’t have a noisy motor for annoyance during the ride on it.
  • Lithium battery though costs more, it performs better than the other batteries and it provides 20% more mileage.
  • Super Turbo 1000 Electric Scooter is the safest Scooter for its smooth ride and tight brakes.
  • The Econo Mode saves your battery life, and Turbo mode gives you more speed. You will get dual riding facility.

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Having read this Super Turbo 1000 Watt Electric Scooter review, you have already known that, Super Turbo 1000-lithium Electric Scooter has been made for the convenience of the users. If you have a budget to buy this Scooter, you can buy it without any doubt because it is better than any other Scooters in the market.

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