10 Best Self Balancing Scooters (Hoverboard) Review & Guide 2022

The days of riding on a big vehicle or waiting for a public transport are over. Now People are searching for smaller vehicles which are easier to ride with. Best self-balancing scooters are one of the best gifts of this change. These scooters don’t need any fuel. Also, they don’t need any steering or handle to ride on them.

Are you tired of riding on the traditional vehicles? Self-balancing scooters are the best solution. These scooters look cool and very stylish. Within the compact design, you will get everything you want. They will take you wherever you want. As these scooters can be driven on the sideways, you can ride with safety.

Also popular as Hoverboard are very easy to ride. Anyone of any age can ride on these. But what will you get from these scooters? This guide includes everything you need to know to choose one right now. Here you will get all the details of these scooters with the review of the best scooters in the market.

Top 10 self-balancing scooter comparison Chart

There are numerous brands in the market who are producing electric self-balancing scooter for the riders. They have lots of models for the riders. But which are the best? Here is the chart where you can find 10 best self-balancing scooters right now on the market.

These are full with latest features and benefits. Most importantly, these are very much friendly for the riders of any age.

 Hoverboard ListTop SpeedDriving RangeBattery LifePrice
  1. Swagtron T1 –Discountined8.5 mph12 miles3 hours
Segway Mini Pro2. Segway miniPRO (Editor’s Choice)10 mph14 miles3 hours
 Hovertex Review 3. Hovertrax 2.0 (Safest and Smartest Hoverboard)8 mph60 minutes2 hours
  4. PowerboardDiscountined10 mph7.8 miles4 hours
  5. Swagtron T3 –Discountined8.5 mph15 miles3 hours
 Skque Hoverboard 6. Skque (Fastest Hoverboard with Excellent Mileage)12 mph20 miles3.5 hours
Jetson V8 Review  7. Jetson V8 (Best Hoverboard for Beginners)12 mph10 miles2 hours
  8. Halo Rover10 mph10 miles3 hours
HOVERZON S Review  9. HOVERZON S (Cheapest Hoverboard in this List)8 mph11 miles2 hour
EPIKGO Hover Self-Balance Board  10. EPIKGO10mph60 minutes1 hour

What is
 self-balancing transportation gadget?

Just think of a skateboard which doesn’t need to use your foot to speed up or to stop. Hoverboards or self-balancing scooters made this possible which were like a dream a few days back. These hoverboards are cool and one of the many latest gadgets of modern technology particularly for the transport technology. This scooter is unique because of its design and usability.

The reason behind the name self-balancing is because riders can control the scooter only using their body. There is no need for using any handle or additional tools. The key feature of this scooter is anyone can ride on it and this scooter is very easy to ride. Within a very short time, anyone can learn how to control it, kid or adult.

The rechargeable battery is the most impressive feature of these scooters. Riders can charge the battery whenever they want. This rechargeable battery makes the scooter eco-friendly. Scooter manufacturers are working hard and inventing new models of scooters. In the future, there will be self-balancing scooter with less cost but more features and greater performance.


Hoverboard Buying Guide

Here comes the most crucial part of these scooters as a rider.  There are lots of points and factors you need to consider. Here are they.


Performance is the main feature you need to consider first. The scooter needs to have durable construction, great speed, and long battery life. It must have other feature like easy controlling, dual mode of operation, LED lights and thick tires for a better ride.


The motor of the scooter needs to be a powerful one. Hoverboard Scooter’s speed needs to be moderate so that anyone can ride with comfort. A faster speed helps the riders to reach the destination. A comfortable speed also gives pleasure to ride the scooter. Look for the speed control feature of the scooter for handling the scooter easily.

Weight and weight limit

You need to look for scooter’s weight limit. The scooter needs to be light weight as well as strong which can bear a heavy load. Go for the scooter which can bear at least 220 lbs. It will be great for both kids and adults. Lightweight will help you to carry it easily while traveling.


Manufacturing brands are also equally important as famous brands provide great scooters. They use quality materials for long lasting performance. Another thing to remember that you will get better customer services from the well-known brands.


Safety is another major issue for buying these scooters. The major risk comes from the overheating of the battery. So, make sure that the battery is made with good materials. The brand of the scooter is also equally important. Although there is a major improvement on battery technology in recent years and it is getting better day by day.

Wheels and brakes also ensure the safety. Wheels with thick tires give smooth ride without any bump on any surface. While the brake helps the riders avoid any sudden collision or unfortunate incidents.

Battery power

The battery is the heart of any electric scooter. It gives the power to ride. The better brand offers better battery quality. If you don’t have budget enough, at least ensure that the battery is good enough.

Go for the battery which has a longer life and more power. Lithium-ion battery is the best for the scooters.

Other features

From the other features, LED lights are one. They will show you the path at night. Bluetooth speaker will give refreshment and entertainment while riding the scooter. You must go for the scooter which has battery indicator in it to see the level of the power of the battery. There is also a smart app for the scooters for safety lock to prevent theft. You should buy the scooter which is controlled by your phone.

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10 Best Hoverboards – Editors Review

Manufacturers deliver a lot of models in the market with different features and configurations. Here, we are presenting 10 best self-balancing scooters only for you.

1. Segway miniPRO : Best in Feature and Editor's #1 Choice

  • Lightweight
  • Smart app lock
  • Sleek design
  • LED lights
  • Durable battery power
  • Comfortable to ride


This scooter is made with the idea for the safety of the riders. That’s why it is UL 2272 certified. It has highest safety and standard for fire and electrical issues. The 10.5-inch pneumatic air-filled tire gives superior grip and traction on the ground. They have shock absorption capability of military-grade for the safety of the riders.

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You can easily carry it and ride on this scooter as it very lightweight. This scooter is capable of carrying the load of the riders of more than 220 lbs. The aluminum made body gives a durable construction to this scooter.

There is enough space in the foot pedals to stand with comfort. There is no risk while riding it. The padded knee bars for maximum comfort and easy riding. The foot pivot steering helps the rider to handle the scooter smoothly.

This scooter has high powered UL certified lithium-ion battery for giving a longer coverage of 14miles in a single charge. This great scooter has a 1600 watt motor engine which gives 10 MPH speed for the convenience of the riders.

Another great feature of this scooter is this one is controllable with the smart app. There are anti-theft app and security alarm to make your scooter safe from the hands of the thieves.

2. Razor Hovertrax 2.0 : Safest and Smartest Hoverboard

  • 8 MPH speed
  • 2 riding modes
  • Battery gives longer coverage
  • Safe for the riders
  • Extremely smooth ride
  • LED lights


To give you the experience to ride on a balancing scooter with smooth balance, Razor has brought this to you. For an updated riding experience, it has built in EverBalance technology by Razor which offers an easier mount and smooth ride.

If you are looking for a safe ride, then Razor provides patented highest electrical safety standards. It has 36VLithium ion battery with authentic LG cells for giving you an extended ride. This battery gives up to 60 minutes ride time for you with a single charge. There is a LED indicator for the battery power to see the condition of the battery.

This scooter has 350-watt noise free motors give a fine speed of 8 MPH speed to the riders. You can reach your destination in time using this scooter.

This scooter has other cool features too like LED light bar display and fender bumper. To ride this scooter simply, it has 2 different riding modes. You can use the modes for training and for normal use.

3. Powerboard by HOVERBOARD : Speedy and Most Affordable

  • Faster speed
  • Free from overheat
  • Great acceleration
  • Easy balancing
  • Ul certified
  • 1 year warranty


You won’t be more comfortable with other scooters than this one. For riding with comfort, this is a great scooter which will give you the easiest handling of the scooter. Going to straight or taking corners, you will get the right balance from it. You just need to lean forward and backward or side to side to balance the scooter.

This scooter has a smooth and faster acceleration than the other scooters. It has a 10KPH top speed to give you a chance to reach the destination timely.

This scooter has Ul2722 certification. This scooter is guaranteed to safe. It has no chance of overheat. It also free from smoke, catch fire and spark for the safety of the riders

The design of this scooter is somewhat attractive and eye catching. There are 4 different colors of it, blue, red, black and gray.

For the riders’ satisfaction, this scooter has a 1 year limited warranty too.

4. SWAGTRON T1 : Top quality Hoverboard - Discontinued

  • LED lights
  • Electrical safe
  • 250-watt motor
  • 11-mile range
  • 220 lbs weight capacity
  • Easy riding


Looking for a scooter having a good speed to reach your destination in time? You are surely looking for this one. This scooter has a comfortable speed of 8.5 MPH which is easily controllable. The 250 watt motor of this scooter is so powerful to give the same speed whatever the rider weighs.

Riders are always anxious about the mileage of the scooter. For the riders benefit, this scooter has a durable battery life. It can cover 12 miles on a single charge. So, there is no tension for low battery life. There is patented SWAGTRON Sentry Shield smart battery management system which gives multi-layered hover skateboard protection.

For a smooth ride, this scooter has gear stabilization for tighter control and downhill traction. You can ride the scooter safely on any surface. To make you easy and comfortable for riding this scooter, there are 2 different modes in this scooter. One is for the beginners and the other one for the experts.

There are some convenient features in this scooter like the LED headlights to ride smoothly at night. To see the condition of charging, there is battery indicator in the scooter. There are rubber bumpers for the safety of the riders and scooter.

5. SWAGTRON T3 : An alternative to T1

  • LED lights
  • Bluetooth speaker
  • UL certified
  • 250-watt motor
  • 11-mile range
  • 220 lbs weight capacity
  • 8MPH speed


Choosing the perfect self-balancing scooter is not an easy task because there are lots of scooters in the market. As most of the riders search for longer coverage, this scooter can cover 10-15 miles on a single charge of the battery. This scooter gives multi-layered hover skateboard protection with the help of its patented SWAGTRON Sentry Shield smart battery management.

There are LED lights in this scooter which can lead you to the road at the night. The most stunning feature if this scooter is its SwagTron app which gives information to you about the charge of your battery. There is 5 level battery indicator in this scooter which indicates how much power left for riding.

For enjoyment during riding, there is Bluetooth speaker in this scooter too. To ride with ease and comfort, this scooter has 2 riding modes. One is learning and the another one is standard. It won’t be a problem if you are a beginner or expert.

The 8 MPH speed of this scooter gives happiness during riding. The 250-watt motor is very much powerful to give heavy duty performance to this scooter.

There are rubber bumpers for the safety of the riders and scooter. As this scooter is UL certified, it is the safest one for you.

6. Skque : Fastest Hoverboard with Excellent Mileage

  • Heavy duty performance
  • More speedy
  • Longer coverage
  • Thick tires with smooth ride
  • LED lights with Bluetooth speaker
  • Easy handling


This scooter is built for ensuring the maximum safety of the riders while riding. This scooter passes all the UL safety regulations. You can ride without any risk.

This scooter has tuned gyro sensors for a smooth ride with the stronger shell. Its enhanced chassis gives upgraded performance with greater durability.

You will get the desired speed from this scooter as it has a powerful 400-watt motor. It offers a great speed of 10-12 KPH to reach any destination in time. The 44000mAh battery of this scooter provides 15-20 miles coverage on a single charge. And for charging, this battery takes only 3-4 hours to get a full charge.

The wheels of this scooter have 6.5 inch thick tires. That’s why the tires get perfect traction and grip on any surfaces like mud, sand or grass. Even on any uneven surface, you will get a smooth ride.

You can listen to music while riding to make your ride more enjoyable with the help of the built-in Bluetooth speaker. This scooter is also safe to ride at night because of its bright LED lights.

Only to match the rider’s passion, this scooter has different colors like black, red, white and blue. You can use this scooter without any risk as this scooter has a limited 1-year warranty.

7. Jetson V8 : Best Hoverboard for Beginners

  • Thick tires
  • Aluminum construction
  • 3-speed modes
  • Upgraded motor
  • Powerful battery
  • Easy controlling


Jetson made a lucrative electric scooter which gives ease to the riders who want to go to any place freely without the help of the general vehicles. It includes simplicity to this type of scooter. This scooter has 2×400 watt motors for an upgraded speed. Riders enjoy their ride on it.

This scooter is made with top quality aluminum to give a durable experience to the riders. It can hold the load of more than 200 lbs of any riders of any age. This scooter has a very light weight which helps the riders to handle this scooter very well. This lightweight also makes this scooter very much portable to take while traveling.

To ride with ease, this scooter has 3 different speed modes. Whether you are beginner or expert, it doesn’t matter. You will get a fine balance on it from the beginning.

This scooter has 8.5-inch wheels, thick and perfect shaped. The tires get the right grip on any surface. Dry, wet, hard or soft, it doesn’t matter. The tires give the same traction on the surface. You can ride smoother than any other scooters.

8. Halo Rover : Technically Advance but Little Expensive

  • Run through smart app
  • Durable body
  • Smooth ride
  • UL certified
  • Long lasting
  • Easy to control


Well… this one is a masterpiece for the riders who are looking for an advanced scooter with the latest technology. What will you get from this? Actually, there are a lot of cool features in it.

First of all its design which catches the attention of anyone in a single glance. Its aluminum body looks really gorgeous. It gives a stylish ride. This aluminum gives shock absorbent quality to this scooter.

Under the body, there is 8.5 inch Rover tires which give a smooth ride to the on any surfaces, mud grass, dirt, sand or snow. The Halo sensor delivers the smoothest rides. This scooter gives a great ride with fine speed.

For the safety of the riders, this scooter is UL 2272 certified. The LG battery ensures no overheat or malfunction. This battery gives a longer coverage to this scooter.

There are different modes of controlling this scooter as it has modes starting from beginner to advanced. The most stunning feature of this scooter is its operating system through a smartphone app. You can operate it by the IOS and Android app of it. The app controls the battery life and speed. Here are the features of it.

9. HOVERZON S : Cheapest Hoverboard in this List

  • LED headlight and indicator
  • Lightweight
  • 2 different riding mode
  • Heavy duty battery
  • Perfect speed
  • UL certified


For a speedy ride to go to any place, this one serves the best. It has the highest speed of 8 mph. This speed is quite perfect for the users of any age. The weight of this scooter is also favored to get a good speed as the weight is only 22 lbs. But with this weight, it can bear the load of more than 220 lbs.

The battery of this scooter is very powerful and full of energy to give a ride more than 11 miles with a single charge. To charge easily, this scooter has LED battery indicator which indicates the battery is full.

The 250-watt motor and gear stabilization feature give high speed with perfect controlling. To control the scooter easily, it has dynamic equilibrium. You can shift your body weight to get the right control.

For the safety and right balance, this scooter has tires with superior traction. The foot pedals of this scooter are slip free so that the riders can stand with comfort and safety. There are also LED headlights, wheels made of aluminum and 2 different riding modes for the users of any age.

10. EPIKGO Hover Self-Balance Board : Smart hoverboard

  • Lightweight
  • Solid tires
  • 10 MPH speed
  • UL certified
  • Longer coverage by the battery
  • Heavy duty dual motors


Riders nowadays search for Hoverboards which has safety features along with the style, performance, and other convenient features. This scooter has one of the highest safety features for the riders. It is certified by UL 2272. It has UL2271 certified LG smart battery. It has undergone 159 tests for safety and there is no chance of igniting any fire by the battery.

For the performance, this scooter has 400W dual motors. These motors give 10 MPH speed to the scooter. You can go to any distance within a very quick time with this speed. It has more pace than the other scooters in the market.

The solid rubber tires give perfect safety and smoothness while riding this scooter. On any surfaces, it can give a gentle and bump free ride. On the grass, mud or sand, they give the same performance. Tires also help the riders to get the perfect break while riding.

The battery of this scooter is heavy duty and gives 1-hour continue ride on a single charge. For the convenience of the rider, this scooter also includes a 1-year warranty.

How this type of scooter works?

Battery power runs scooter and the battery gives power to the motor of the scooter to get the speed. These scooters are quite different than the other electric scooters. Riders need to stand all the time to ride on it. Riders need to lean to the direction, and the scooter will work automatically to go to the direction you want.

Self-balancing scooter uses the gyroscope to balance it. There are sensors in the footrest of the scooter which get the direction of the feet of the riders to speed up, to stop or to change direction.

Riders can control the scooter with help of the feet. For the beginners, it is little hard to balance the scooter. But most of the scooters have dual riding modes, beginner, and standard for the rider’s convenience.

Are Hoverboards safe now?

Safety is one of the biggest and most important issues for any kind of vehicle. So, is the self balancing scooter considerably safe? The safety issue is quite different for this type of scooter. Here, safety is concerned not with safe riding rather than with the battery of the scooter.

Sometimes the battery gets overheated and causes danger to the rider. Riders have a common question, does the scooter explode? The answer is absolute no. But there is a risk of it.

The battery of this kind of scooter is mostly made with Lithium-ion. The cells of the battery are separated by the layer of Polyethylene. When the battery gets overcharged or overheated, the layer of Polyethylene gets compromised and causes a short circuit.

Sometimes the short circuit causes the fire to the scooter because Lithium ion is very sensitive to overcharge. So, if you have this kind of scooter of your own, you have to be cautious about charging the battery.

Now come to the main point. Does this scooter safe? Of course, it is safe for you. Buy one from a famous and trusted brand. Famous brands always provide quality products with high standard. Their products are always safe to use.

They use quality materials. A top quality product delivers the maximum safety. And in the case of things go wrong, famous brands always take the product back and return a new one to its customers.

But there is nothing safer than the personal safety of the users. Users need to be aware of overcharging and overheating. Always try to make a great use of the battery. And if things go worse, you better get away from the scooter and stay at a safe distance Let the scooter cool by itself, and then ask for help.

Accessories you may need

To ride this scooters, you need to use some accessories too. These accessories will help you to ride the scooter safely and with more style.


To carry the scooter to any place or traveling, the hoverboard backpack is a must. It will make your traveling lot easier. Just take the scooter into the backpack and hang it on your shoulder. These backpacks have really strong shoulder straps and they will give you the right support.

Silicon case

Silicon cases are unique gadgets for this scooter. They can protect the product while not in use. These cases protect the full body of the scooters and keep the scooter like brand new.

Carry bag

If you are not comfortable with a backpack, then carry bag is here for you. These bags are quite strong. To transport easily, there are straps to carry using your hands. The benefit is there are lots of colors in these bags.

Helmet and Guards

Helmet and guards are the best companions of you to protect you from accidents and injuries. You never know what will happen on the road. So, better to use quality helmet and guards for two wheel scooter, and prepare to make yourself protected.

The Origin of Self Balancing Scooter

The history of self balancing scooters is not old. It is quite recent. This kind of scooters first appeared in China around 2014. They became popular in the USA in 2015. The reason is celebrities came with these scooters.

Shane Chen an American businessman was the founder of the company named Inventist and it started to produce scooters for the users. Since then, there are other companies too who are inventing new models with features and less cost to make the riders comfortable while riding on the scooters.

Self balancing scooters gained popularity because of the easy controlling of them. There is no use of fuel in these scooters. So, the riders have to cost less. Rechargeable battery made this scooter very much friendly for the users of all classes. The convenience is from kids to adults, anyone can ride on these scooters.

Top Self Balancing Scooter brands

In the market, there are lots of brands who are producing new models of scooters. Most of them are quite impressive for the quality of their products and customer services. All of them provide warranty on the scooters/ hoverboard they build. Scooter brands are committed to their customers to deliver the best product in the market.

From the brands here are the most popular and loyal ones. Razor is one of them who are dedicated to giving the best with top quality scooters. SWAGTRON is another famous brand for delivering high-quality scooters. Skque and Segway are the other brands to bring scooters having heavy duty performance with lots of convenient features.

Safety of  this scooter

As I mentioned earlier, the safety of this kind of scooter mainly depends on the battery issue. But there are other issues too. You need to learn first how to drive them. It is the first condition to ride.

To make your scooter safe, you need to ride in the fewer crowdie areas. Keep your scooter in a dry, cool and dust-free area. Give full charge before riding. Consume all the charge and then recharge it. Unplug the charger immediately after a full charge. Don’t over charge the battery.

Always clean the scooter after riding. Check the motor and brakes are ok or not. You need to be aware of the total condition of your scooter before riding. If there are any problems, immediately contact the manufacturer.

Final Words

As the technology changing rapidly, it is not so far that we can see self balancing scooters are going to dominate the streets. It is not because of the bigger vehicles are worse. It is because these scooters are very much friendly for the riders to ride with fun and safety.

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