Best Electric Scooter for Heavy Adults

The average weight of male is 195.8 pounds (88.8 kg) and female is 168.4 pounds (76.4 kg) in the United States. As most electric scooters are available and fit in this category, the heavier adults seem to be negligent. But the good news is there are many electric scooters build and produced for heavyweight riders. 

In this guide, we have picked the best 10 electric scooters designed for heavy duty rides and reviewed each one of them for its specialties. You will also find a buying guide to choose the best electric scooter for heavy adults following this article.

Top Recommendation

Since we have gone through a wide range of electric scooters for heavy adults and tested a few of them, we have finally picked one for our top recommendation which is the JOYOR X5S Electric Scooter. It has mostly all the potentials and qualities to be on this list. Powered by 500W motor with 48V 13.0Ah lithium-ion battery gives a maximum rage up to 31 miles with a top speed up to 15.5 miles per hour. Also, the 10 inches pneumatic tires and front suspension provide a comfortable ride on rough roads or speed bumps.

Wider anti-slip pedal, sturdy high-quality frame made of aerospace-grade magnesium, and LCD display with many essential features added this scooter extra points here. Moreover, the rear disc brake, headlights, taillights, and sidelights are given for road safety of the rider. Weighing just about 33 pounds, this e-scooter is portable and folding is very easy. Having all the essentials and beneficial features, it’s capable of taking a load up to 265 pounds which is impressive compared to similar items available in the market.

After considering all essential factors, the JOYOR X5S is our choice for riders weighing above 220 pounds and below 265 pounds for adults or even for teenagers. But if you want more power and speed, you can go for our top pick under the best premium - OUTSTORM Scooter.


Product Name






Glion Dolly Foldable Scooter

Easy Folding

OUTSTORM Folding Electric Scooter


Emaxusa Electric Scooter

Budget Friendly

Macwheel MX1 Electric Scooter

All rounder

  • Top Speed : 15.5 mph 
  • Range : 31 Miles
  • Max Weight: 265 lbs
  • Motor: 500W 
  • Wheel Size: 10 Inches
  • Age :  14+

The JOYOR X5S electric kick scooter is our first picked for heavy adults and it needed a lot of consideration before coming in our top list. With a powerful 500W brushless DC motor and a maximum weight capacity of 265 lbs, this electric scooter comes with the necessary features for safe and comfortable riding. The maximum speed is 15.5 mph which is not sporty speed but good enough compared to walking. Riding uphill may be slower for heavy adults for every scooter in the market and this electric powered scooter is powered to climb uphill up to 15 degrees.  

When the e-scooter has power, it needs a powerful battery for maximum performance. This scooter has high-capacity 480Wh lithium-ion batteries with a smart power management system for long-range and protection of the battery. You will get the maximum 31 miles range on a single charge depending on weight, speed, stopping, and terrain. It has also engineered with cruise control technology that reduces tensions and the fatigues for riders providing smooth and stable cruise control. Using cruise control also helps battery to last longer. 

Riding in a scooter with pneumatic tires is more comfortable with less knocks and bumps. Thus, this electric scooter has 10 inches pneumatic tires and front wheel shock-absorber that give a better riding experience for heavy adults, especially if you drive in uneven terrain. But there is always chance to get flat tires with this type of tires. The anti-lock braking system is very responsive for safe distance stopping. 

The frame is structured with aerospace-grade magnesium which has a low density and higher strength and it feels quite solid when standing on it. The handle-bar is also adjustable to the height up to 6 feet 2 inch riders comfortably. The LED headlights are placed above the front wheel which is not the brightest but good at night to see and be seen.  

It is designed as foldable and portable for commute companion. At just 33 pounds, you may find it a little heavier for carrying it for longer time. This sturdy design electric scooter is not suitable for heavy adults above 260 pounds but the entire compact package is a great deal for daily commute and perfect gift for beginner.

  • Top Speed : 15mph 
  • Range : 15 Miles
  • Weight: 255 lbs
  • Motor: 250W 
  • Wheel Size: 8 Inches
  • Age : 14+

Having maximum 255 lbs. (115 kg) rider’s weight capacity, the Glion Dolly (model 215) is one of our electric scooters for heavy adults. It has a gearless 250W electric hub motor which is located in the rear wheel and delivers a top speed up to 15 miles per hour for an average adult. It is not the most powerful motor in the world but delivers enough boosts to cruising around. 

The Glion comes with a LG 36V, 7.8 Ah lithium-ion battery that gives a max range of 15 miles on full charge. Moreover, the battery will only take 2-3.5 hours before fully charge each time. This electric scoter has a handlebar-mounted battery indicator as well which shows battery life. The battery indicator may not be 100% accurate due to some riding factors like random braking, stopping, weight etc.

It has 8 inch nicely curved honeycomb tires which are very durable and long lasting compared to others. Having solid tires on your e-scooter will give you a flat-tire free riding when commuting. This scooter is also designed with an anti-lock electric brake system which is set in the rear hub motor. The brake works pretty well for stopping at a high speed but here there is no level of controlling the brake power like acceleration.

Weighing only 28 pounds, a lightweight and compact, the Glion Dolly is very much portable with one push at the level that is placed at the bottom of the handlebar. Once folded, you can use the pulling bar (installed) and carry your ride like a trolley.  This compact and sturdy design e-scooter is way stronger than it looks. The frame is crafted with an aircraft grade aluminum alloy that makes it lighter and durable and also painted with powder coated to help resist corrosion. 

If you are a heavier than average adults, this electric scooter may be an option for you but we don’t recommend it for rider above 250 pounds and. The manufacturer claims to travel 500 miles with this scooter on just 1 dollar of electricity that is very efficient. Overall, this electric scooter is strong, lighter and durable for those who are more likely riding in the city and not weigh more above 250 pound.

  • Top Speed : 28 mph 
  • Range : 34 Miles
  • Max Weight: 440 lbs
  • Motor: 500W 
  • Wheel Size: 10 Inches
  • Age : 18+

Let’s look at one of our strongest and heavyweight capacity electric scooters for adults only. The XULONG Electric Scooters has a maximum load capacity of 440 pounds (200 kg) and equipped with a powerful 500W motor for maximum efficiency. A powerful motor comes with a powerful batter makes it a perfect combination. In this scooter, you will get 36V 12A universal lithium-ion battery for sustainable and long lasting battery performance. 

Due to the national safety regulations, the max speed limit is being set to 15.5 mph. But if you want more speed, it has the setting to release the speed up to a max 28 miles per hour. We don’t recommend driving at the highest speed as it reduces the battery performance as well as the safety of the rider. You will also get options to control the speed limit via setting on the HD dial dashboard.

It has a bright HD display to monitor the speed, battery power and also the current timing. You can also control various features from the settings installed in this electric scooter. Along with speed control and power display, you will be able to keep protected from theft by using password in it. Moreover, it has a USB charging port and cruise control function available. Cruise control allows the rider to hold the current speed when ride for a period of time meaning you don’t need to press and hold the valve to accelerate further. 

10 inches pneumatic tires are pretty good at riding different terrains. These tires are rubber made and anti-slip to roads for better grip on pavements. Besides, climbing uphill seems not a problem with this e-scooter while you can get 30 degrees climbing ability depending on substantial factors. For braking safety, it is equipped with front wheel handbrake and rear wheel disc brake. 

The front and rear wheel spring damping system makes it more stable and comfortable for riders. No matter how good the road it, there are always a shaky and small bumps that you will feel at your back or legs when riding an electric scooter. So, a good quality suspension and shock absorber tires are very essential for every electric scooter.

The LED headlight, red sidelight and taillights are conducive to ride at night and other vehicles or pedestrians to see.
The folding mechanism is also very simple and it takes seconds to fold/ unfold. But as for the heavy built construction and materials used in this scooter, the weight itself becomes 18 kg that is bit heavy for many riders to carry it. Apart from that, this is a perfect package for heavy adults for commuting.

  • Top Speed : 15.8mph 
  • Range : 16 Miles
  • Max Weight: 264 lbs
  • Motor: 300W 
  • Wheel Size: 8.5 Inches
  • Age :  14+

Featured with 300W hub motor, the Emaxusa Electric Scooter is capable of maximum rider’s weigh up to 264 lbs. The weight capacity isn’t the highest of all but for many heavy weight rider, this might be an excellent option. Having a powerful motor this scooter can speed up to almost 16 miles per hour by the manufacturer while you might get around 14 miles max. Also the dual mode feature allows you swipe modes between nominal speed and high speed. 

This sturdy design scooter has a maximum travel range up to 16 miles with its UL certified 6h lithium-ion battery. The smart battery system also ensures the safety of the battery itself and it will take only a couple of hours (around 4-5 hours) for full charge each time. Also be aware that, you might not get the max range declared by the manufacturer due to several factors like weight, speed, and terrains, and also riding conditions. Additionally, if you need to ride in the steep hills often, this scooter is well powered to climb up to 15% incline hills with ease.

Compared to similar types of electric scooters within this range, this scooter has dynamic features to catch an eye on every enthusiastic rider. It is designed with 8.5 inch inflated rubber tires which have great traction and endurance ability in different terrains. Also, a dual braking system (disc braking and eABS braking) ensures smooth brakes and safety of the rider when needed. LED lights, brake lights, and hand-operated brakes put an addition to its rider’s safety.

Let’s look at the built quality of this electric scooter which is rugged aluminum frame and even weigh only 26 pounds. Folding mechanism is easy for any riders with simple instructions and very portable to carry in the bus, put in the trunk or store it anywhere. You can also control and observe the speed, battery life or even speed modes from the built-in LCD display at the dashboard. 

If you are looking for something practical and also a recreational electric scooter within the weight capacity of less than 265 pounds, this scooter is one of the lucrative and comparative electric scooters in the market. 

  • Top Speed : 18.6 mph 
  • Range : 62.5 Miles
  • Max Weight: 330 lbs
  • Motor: 500W 
  • Wheel Size: 10 Inches
  • Age: 14+

If you are over 300 pounds and looking for a powerful, comfortable, and compact constructed electric scooter, the Jueshuai Electric Scooter is one for you. This electric scooter has some extraordinary features that confront not be on our list. Its 500W brushless gear hub motor is powerful and reliable for commuting with max speed up to 15.5 miles per hour. It may not be satisfied with speed with this powerful motor but you will be surprised when you start riding it. 

For a short distance trip, this is a perfect scooter for heavy adults with its wide and shock absorber seat which is detachable. Equipped with 48V 26Ah lithium ion battery, it is capable of max travel range up to 56 miles to 62 miles on a single charge. The full charge will take around 6-8 hours which is not bad for these powerful battery installed. There is one thing to remember that you better not ride this e-scooter on a rainy or wet road which does not only affect the battery but also not quite safe.  

A lot of electric scooters use pneumatic tires for lesser shocks and bumps. This scooter rugged with 10 inches anti-slip pneumatic tires which will perform much better in various terrains. But there is always a chance to get flat tires using this kind of tires. The braking system is excellent on this device compared to the speed limit. Dual disc brakes (front & rear) and eABS are very much safe when it comes to smooth stopping and controlling the brake. Front LED headlights, sidelight, and taillights are very useful for riding at night and warning for other pedestrians, vehicles on the road. 

The frame is constructed with high-tensile steel and aluminum alloy for making this scooter stronger and lighter. The front and rear spring suspensions help the rider to feel less bumpy on uneven terrain while taking the pressure out from the wheels. Also if you are going to ride it in steep areas, this scooter can deal with regular slope easily. This e-scooter is also featured with an LED display, adjustable handlebar, light switch, and simple folding mechanism that come in handy for comfortable and portable riding experience. One of the best scooter for riders over 300lbs in this segment.  

  • Top Speed : 15.6 mph 
  • Range : 18 Miles
  • Max Weight: 265 lbs
  • Motor: 350W 
  • Wheel Size: 8.5 Inches
  • Age :  14+

Here is the Macwheel Electric Scooter, another overrated electric scooter for riders weighing up to 265 pounds. This stylish, ergonomic electric scooter has industry standard 350W hub motor installed at the front wheel, giving a max speed range up 15.6 mph. For beginners, this is very fast while for pro and more experienced riders, this speed might not cross their hearts. So if you looking for more speed then we have a few more options available in this guide. 

Most popular and durable 270Wh lithium-ion battery is used in this scooter for better performance and mileage and hence you will get a max range up to 18.6 miles on a single charge. The range may vary while riding in different conditions, rider’s weight or speed. Manufacturer actually tested their scooters with test sample weighing below 200 pounds and riding on plain terrain maintaining speed.  In this electric scooter, you will have three speed modes that maintain the speed limit to 5 mph /9 mph/ 15.5 mph. The plus point is that the battery will take only 3-4 hours to boast again for another ride. 

For the safety of the rider, this e-scooter has come with dual braking system. The rear disc brake and the front anti-locking braking system are very effective for stopping and controlling the brake. Its 8.5 inches on pneumatic tires (filled with foam) are a great relief from punctures and maintenance. Though, you might feel a little bumpy as it doesn’t have any suspension on it. 

Weighing just about 29 pounds and designed with simple folding steps, make this scooter very lightweight and portable to carry or travel anywhere with it. You can put in the trunk, carry it in public transport or even walk with it. The front and rear headlights are not so fancy but it gets the job done. This e-scooter has also a LED dashboard to see the speed and battery power indicator so that you don’t need to walk back to your destination without power.  

If you love riding short distances from home to work, a quick run to the grocery store or even riding around the neighborhood, this compact, sturdy and strong electric scooter is for you. This is not only for adults but also for kids who need tons of fun.

  • Top Speed : 56 mph 
  • Range : 67 Miles
  • Max Weight: 385 lbs
  • Motor: 3200W 
  • Wheel Size: 11 Inches
  • Age :  18+

Sadly but it’s true that you will not find a lot of electric scooters around for over 300 pounds riders. The heavier you are, the less performance you will get from an average electric scooter. This time we will introduce you to one of the beasts that carry up to 385 pounds with very powerful and sturdy construction. The OUTSTORM Folding Electric Scooter is a monster alike with a dual 1600W motor that gives a tremendous speed up to 56 miles per hour. The speed can also be controlled with 3 speed modes for different level of riders.

Powerful motor needs powerful battery and in this high-powered scooter, you will get a 35Ah lithium-ion battery that can give you a travel range up to 67 miles. Once it fully charged which only take 7-9 hours, you can go to work, or to a friend’s house or even move around off-road for fun. This is also a perfect machine for climbing steep terrain up to 30 degrees with ease. If you are looking for an ecofriendly, powerful electric scooter for adults only, this might be an ideal deal for you as alternative transportation.

A heavyweight rider needs solid construction and well-built tires setup for riding safely and comfortably. Its 11-inch off-road tires with enhanced shock absorption make it a proper deal for heavy adults weighing above 300 pounds. The bigger the tires, the less you will feel small bumps and shocks when riding an electric scooter. Also, the front and rear hydraulic brakes are just perfect for braking smoothly and give proper safety to the rider in controlling the scooter.

Featuring with front and rear spring suspension, this e-scooter gives extra comfort to the rider. Moreover, a digital speedometer, cruise control, dual power modes, horns, and compass add an extra layer of attraction to this beast. There are a few things which we didn’t like in this scooter. The colorful LEDs in the deck which is eye very eye catchy and also the manual shut off key option.

The front headlights are bright enough to ride at dark and dual sidelights are also quite effective at night. The acrylic deck board looks good but can’t be trusted when standing on wet weather. This electric scooter has also come with a detachable seat that means you can ride either standing or seating. This stunning and gorgeous looking scooter might not be suitable for all, but it is for someone who likes to explore with power and long-range with freedom.

  • Top Speed : 16 mph 
  • Range : 11 Miles
  • Max Weight: 280 lbs
  • Motor: 350W 
  • Wheel Size: 10 Inches
  • Age :  14+

The next is our Hover-1 Engine Electric Scooter, powered by 350W brushless motor, a budget friendly electric scooter for kids or adults weighing up to 280 pounds. You may find interesting cruising around with this sturdy design scooter that has an average power with a max speed up to 16 mph. This scooter is exceptionally design for those who like foot-pad throttle. Just be aware that, for many riders, this isn’t a better choice when it comes to electric gas pedal foot acceleration. 

With a powerful 5.2 ah lithium-ion battery which takes around 5 hours to fully charge, it will give you a range up to 11 miles. Honestly, the mileage is quite accurate compared to other similarly described scooters depending on weigh, stop and run and terrain. It has also a battery indicator on the dashboard which comes really handy to know how much battery power is left within.

The Hovel-1 Engine is featured with 10 inch pneumatic tires both front and rear. The pneumatic (air-filled) tires are more efficient and comfortable when riding in uneven terrain. It says that these types of tires work like a shock absorber and you will fell less bumpy than solid tires. Also the hand-operated rear disc brake will really help you to stop smoothly and safely.

The built quality of this electric scooter is solid and stronger than many e-scooters nowadays. This nicely foldable scooter designed with rear taillight which is a convenient. Besides, from our point of view, this electric scooter performs far better in the flattest areas than climbing an incline. If you go for this e-scooter that is more fun than daily commute, our recommendation will be to ride in flat terrain, especially if you are a heavyweight rider.

  • Top Speed : 15mph
  • Range : 18 Miles
  • Max Weight: 265 lbs
  • Motor: 350W
  • Wheel Size: 8.5 Inches
  • Age : 14+ 

Getting into the mode to look at our next top picked electric powered scooter? The ESKOOT Electric Scooter has a comparative 350W hub motor placed in the front wheel and powerful enough to carry the max load up to 265 pounds. The weight capacity is not the max for heavy adults but it is perfect for those who are weighing more than average. With this amount of motor power, you will be able to reach max speed 15 mph and also climb hills approximately 15 degrees which are very comforting for riders by the hills.

Let’s look into the battery and range about this scooter. It comes with a 270Wh (Watt Hour) lithium-ion battery which is not so bad for the money. And it helps the rider to commute comfortably providing a max range of 18.6 miles depending on several factors which we explained in this guide below. All riders are concern about battery life. To keep that in mind, this smart battery management system is given in this scooter to extend the battery life and also protection. Moreover, it will take only 4-5 hours for fully charged.

You may find a variety of types of tires in the electric scooter recently. This is because each one type has its own benefits and odds. The ESKUTE has been engineered with 8.5 inch non-pneumatic tires which are solid tires but the foam inside. So, the tires can absorb the shocks and bumps itself and gives a comfortable ride to the rider. Now you can ride not worrying about tackling bumps, uneven surfaces, and asphalt with ease. Also, the dual braking system, LED headlight and taillights are also a nice addition for the safety of the rider.

After so much to put together, this stylish and sleek electric scooter is weighing just about 29 pounds (13kg) and designed for great portability with 3 seconds folding mechanism. For a rider, it is obvious how portable and lightweight is the electric scooter as it needs to be carried sometimes. The construction of this scooter is neat and light but strong enough to take a load up to 280 pounds but it is not recommended as it reduces the overall performance.

Highlighting with a nice LED display for showing the battery power, speed, and modes (Economy & Sports), this scooter gives extra benefits to the riders. Within dual modes, you can choose either economy mode or sport mode depending on the level, speed, and performance you want. At the economy mood, you will get better battery life but limited to speed when sport mode will give you max speed but less mileage.

  • Top Speed : 52.8 mph 
  • Range : 105 Miles
  • Max Weight: 880 lbs
  • Motor: 5400W 
  • Wheel Size: 11 Inches
  • Age :  18+

Finally, we are here to patch up with our best premium and pro type electric scooter that has an extreme loading power up to 880 pounds. If you are looking for something astonishing, unique, high-end quality and super-powerful electric scooter, the TGHY Off road Electric Scooter is the one you will be after. Perhaps, this is the best of all e-scooters for riders who are above 300 pounds and want something fancy and reliable and also with great featuring to show off. 

This is the scooter, coming with monstrous power with dual 2700W motors that propel this e-scooter to reach a max speed up to 52.8 miles per hour. The speed modes can also be controlled from the screen. It has also modes for dual-drive or single motor drive for getting the maximum battery performance. But be aware that, this e-scooter is meant for speed and power and do not recommend for beginner neither for adults nor for teenager. 

The TGHY Electric Scooter has 3 different power options available before buying it on different price range. The maximum capacity you will get 60V 36.4Ah lithium-ion battery which takes around 8-9 hours before fully charged and give you a travel range up to 90-100 miles depending on substantial matters. Just imagine getting a mileage around 100 miles with this beast meaning you can travel almost anywhere within a short distance and come back with no worries. 

Its wide 11 inches off-road pneumatic tires seem indestructible. The high-grip quality tires are comfortable with any terrain. Also the amount of power it has can easily take you to climb any inclining angles up to 50 degrees.  For regular steep hills, you won’t even feel a thing with this scooter.

When you have power on your e-scooter, it needs safety for the braking system as well. Keeping that in mind, it is geared with hydraulic disc brake and eABS electric brake for smooth braking and ensures the safety of the rider. Double hydraulic shock absorber at front and rear, front long tube hydraulic shock absorber, and also high-end rear damping hydraulic shock absorber are giving the best comfort and stability what a rider can imagine. 

The folding mechanism is also very easy on this scooter which takes couple of seconds but the most annoying part is that the weight of the scooter. Having all high-quality steel and aluminum alloy frame and all the gears, it weighs about 88 pounds (40kg). And it is not the type of scooters you carry it easily unless you are a strong person. So we suggest using this e-scooter as not as portable one.

 Study and powerful electric scooter comes with price and this one is a beast. If you don’t have issue on the budget, you can go for it without any doubt or keep it in mind for next term. This valuable scooter also has the triple anti-theft feature with GPS positioning for securing from being theft. Overall, the built quality, motor, battery power, speed, mileage, protection and safety are very standard and nicely presented in this electric scooter.

What to Consider When Buying - Heavy Adults Electric Scooter

You will be surprised to know what are the things are relevant before selecting an electric scooter for heavy adults. Here we tried to explain the most important factors to consider before choosing the right electric scooter.

​Weight Capacity

The first and foremost thing you should look for is the weight loading capacity of an electric scooter before considering buying one. There are tons of e-scooters available for kids and adults for weighing up to 220 pounds. If you are heavier than an average adult, we would highly recommend going for electric scooter that is constructed for heavier rider. 

The question may arise why you need a special scooter for being heavily weighted? This is because electric scooter has simply made for lighter people to commute or ride along in the neighborhood. Every electric scooter has its own power and limits to deliver its maximum performance but with excessive pressure; it gets affected and produces less in riding performance.

Manufacturers also consider user preference from average individuals. Electric scooters for heavyweight user need more attention in weight capacity than average adults. So the manufacturers concentrate more on weight capacity at the scooter while producing for heavy riders.  You may easily find electric scooters that are capable of taking load from 250 pounds up to 880 pounds throughout the market. And our personal suggestion is to go for heavier weight loading scooter from your own body weight. This will help you to get the maximum performance described in the electric scooter.

Built Quality

When it comes to build-quality of an electric scooter for heavy adults, without any doubts, it has to be solid structured. Most of the electric scooters are being made and tested using steel or aluminum alloy for making it lighter. We are hoping to see titanium frame in near future which is lighter than steel but much stronger. But in this stage, we agree that he built quality is not so bad for overall electric scooters. 

For heavyweight riders for over 250 pounds, you should absolutely consider the construction and materials used in your expected e-scooter before you buy it. You can also guess the firmness and sturdiness only by looking at the scooter. Almost every scooter comes with the product description and customer reviews which might help you to decide which is more suitable for you.

Motor & Power

Motor is the core part of an electric scooter that controls speed, acceleration, climbing ability, power consumption, and performance with a heavier rider. Generally, most of the electric scooter comes with single motor where the powerful one with two. If you are looking for a reliable, comfortable and budget-friendly electric scooter, you might go with single powerful motor. For pro and experienced adults riders two motor electric scooter is more attractive and powerful. 

Motor power is measured in Watts for electric scooters and you will find mostly available from 200W to 8000W. You need to be sure by the local laws whether you are allowed to ride electric scooter with the maximum amount of power. We have gone through a few electric scooters with various types of power from 250W to 5400W for heavy adults. 

If you are a beginner, we strongly suggest starting from lower motor power and slower in speed rather than jump into a high-powered motor with crazy speed. Apparently, heavier riders need more power and speed from a regular scooter as the weight impacts the performance drastically. So before you make your final choice, you should take good consideration of the motor and power that comes with the electric scooter.

​Battery & Range

No matter how powerful the motor you choose for your electric scooter, it will need a powerful battery to run the motor continuously. So if you have average motor power with powerful battery backup, you will get better mileage, speed, and acceleration. There are three types of batteries available for electric scooter; Sealed Lead Acid Battery, Nickel Metal Hydride Battery and Lithium ion battery. 

Sealed Lead Acid battery was the ruling battery category for last decades and Nickel Metal Hydride Battery is not meant to last longer. The Lithium ion battery is the leading battery type at the moment that charge faster, last longer and have a higher power density for more battery life in a lighter package. But it needs protection from being overcharge or discharge. Our recommendation for you is to go for Lithium-ion battery for your e-scooter for durable, long-lasting and fast charging options.

Moreover, a powerful battery will give better mileage or range to your electric scooter as well. You will get an average mileage from 10 miles to 35 miles from an electric scooter. There are also several e-scooters that give more than 100 miles range on a single charge. For heavyweight riders, it will not perform as described due to the consumption of power, speed, and weight. For example, if you choose an electric scooter that says to give 20 miles range, it will end up to 12-15 miles range for heavy weight rider.

Wheels & Suspension

Wheels and suspension are very important for your comfortable riding experience as well as safety. Also, wheels and suspension are constructed to take the load from the rider and interact with the motor to maximize the performance of your e-scooter. Thus you should take a good consideration before buying an electric scooter, especially for heavy riders. 

Tires are directly connected to the road and influence the overall performance of your electric scooter. Without the proper traction and sustainability of your scooter tires, you may face multiple issues when riding. There are basically two different types of tires available for electric scooter which are Pneumatic (Air-filled) and Solid. You may come across another type of tire called Honeycomb tire which is also a Solid tire. 

Both types of tires have advantages and disadvantages in various circumstances. Pneumatic tires are very popular, durable, and more comfortable for maximum riders but you may get punctures which is a headache. On the other side, solid tires are filled with rubber and no chance of getting flat tires but it can get worn out easily and less shock absorption capability.   

So we always recommend going for pneumatic tires (with or without suspension) for your electric scooter as it works better in adverse road conditions. Besides, it works as an alternative to suspension if you have none in your e-scooter. It will be nice if you have both pneumatic tires and sets of suspension geared in your scooter.

Standing Deck

What’s so worrying about the deck of an electric scooter? Yes, we think it is something you should be aware of. Most manufacturers produce their electric scooters for average users up to 6 feet height and weighing about 220 pounds. If you are a heavy weight rider, scooters like these aren’t going to fit for your feet. A deck of an electric scooter is the platform where you stand on it. If you are not comfortable standing on the deck, you will enjoy the ride either. 

Usually, the deck sizes vary from brand to brand and also depend on the design of the scooter. A typical deck size of an electric scooter refers to 14 inches in length and 5 inches in width. Also, many electric scooters are designed to keep compacted with batteries into the deck for saving spaces and use some sorts of rubberized texture to finish. So that the rider can keep a tight hold onto the platform while riding. Our recommendation will be to choose a wider deck for your scooter for accurate and comfortable balancing.


What is the weight limit for an electric scooter?

The average weight limit of an electric scooter is 220 pounds (100 kg). Depending on the model, the maximum weight carrying capacity is ranging from 220 pounds to 880 pounds. If you are an average weighted male or female, you don’t need to worry about the weight capacity of an electric scooter as most of them will fit for you. But if you are a heavy adult, you need to consider thoroughly the weight capacity of an e-scooter as it needs more power, stronger frame, bigger tires etc. 

Are bigger wheels better on an electric scooter?

Wheels are very important part of an electric scooter. The larger the wheels, the more comfort and smoothness a rider will feel while riding. You will feel more bumps and jolts in small wheels than bigger ones. Also, the bigger wheels help turning the electric scooter better than small wheels.

Technically, a bigger tire needs more torque and turn slower but it will move the scooter faster than a small tire. On the other hand, small tires will need less torque and move slower than bigger tires. If you are purchasing or updating the tires, keep in mind, use the bigger tires for better comfort and control while riding an electric scooter. 

Is it worth buying an electric scooter for heavy adults?

Electric scooters for heavy adults need more power, stronger frame, heavier construction and speed, and also more expensive than average e-scooters. Some of them might come cheap but it will not last long enough to support a heavy weight rider. But an electric scooter is still worth buying for heavy adults. Comparing the cost of traveling to public transport or riding a motorbike or private car with an electric scooter is far less than you imagine which is only a few dollars of electricity bills.

Moreover, you don’t need to stick in traffic for hours or worry about stand out in the walking zone with an electric scooter. Most of them are lightweight and portable to carry almost anywhere and in terms, it is eco-friendly transportation.

What types of braking do you need for an electric scooter?

Braking is one of the vital functions for the safety of an electric scooter rider. There are two types of braking; Disc Braking and Drum Braking. Disc braking is a more expensive and newer invention of the braking system and performs better than drum braking. The anti-lock braking system is the latest type of braking system that works in sudden braking a lot smoother and shorter distance. Depending on the power, speed, and types of scooters, each one of the braking performs its best. 

How safe is riding an electric scooter for the heavyweight rider?

Being electric and mostly two wheels drive, electric scooter isn’t safe for anybody completely. Normally, most e-scooters are designed and manufactured for average body weight individuals unless you choose specially made for heavyweight rider. Small injuries and fractures are very common for electric scooter rider. These can be avoided by following safety guidelines and using safety gears while riding an electric scooter. 

Final Verdict

Using an electric scooter is uprising drastically after this Corona Pandemic period as an alternative way of transportation.  Due to social distancing and avoid been in public transport, an electric scooter is one of the best ways for short-distance commuting for many people.  As a reliable, affordable, and eco-friendly way of traveling, people from different levels are merging to get one. Here we reviewed a few electric scooters for those who are heavier in weight than average and tried our best to recommend the best electric scooter for your uses. 

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