Best Electric Scooter for Adults Weighing 250+ lbs

An electric scooter is not only eco-friendly transportation but also helpful for many people for a daily commute or short-distance trip. If you are a heavyweight adult 250 lbs+ and looking for one of the best electric scooters that suit your needs and help you get the maximum riding experiences, this is where you might get one. 

Most e-scooters are best suitable for an average body weight rider that is considered up to 220 pounds. But if you are over the average weight and weigh about 250 pounds or more, you need to consider a few things before choosing one. The weight capacity of an electric scooter is the first thing you should be well aware of and also the power and range that give you comfort and smoothness while you will be riding it.

We have shortlisted a few electric scooters for adults which can take a max load of 250 lbs at least in various categories and reviewed each one of them in this article. Our top selections are also available in three different categories from which you can choose as per your requirements. 

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Top Recommendation

After considering several factors and trials, we have come up with our top recommendation on the best electric scooter for a heavyweight adult weighing 250 pounds. Having the max weight capacity of 265 pounds, a powerful 500W motor, 31 miles long-range, and a 1-year warranty of different parts made the JOYOR X5S is the best electric scooter for adults. The built-quality of this scooter is also remarkable and sturdy which is a perfect device for the heavyweight rider. 

If you are looking for an electric scooter that is capable of carrying a bodyweight of 250 pounds or more, ergonomic design, powerful motor and long-range, this scooter is one of our best choices and comes in reasonable price range. If you want more power and ranges on heavyweight e-scooters, you can also check here where we reviewed best electric scooters for heavy adults where this scooter was our best choice. 

  • Top Speed : 15.5 mph
  • Range : 31 Miles
  • Battery Type : Lithium-Ion
  • Max Weight: 265 lbs
  • Motor: 500W
  • Product Weight: 33 lbs
  • Wheel Size: 10 Inches
  • Age : 13+ 
  • Charging Time : 6-7 hours 

As the demand of electric scooters growing higher, new brands and quality are emerging in the competitive market. The JOYOR is one of the newly outcome scooter brands that has more than 10 special scooter models and JOYOR X5S is one of the X-series models that is capable of carrying an adult above 250 pounds and has some amazing features to consider before buying any other scooter in this range. 

Excellent Mileage

For daily commutes, the mileage of an electric scooter is one of the most important things you must be craving for. What if you can ride a 30 miles range on a single charge? You will be quite happy, aren’t you? This JOYOR X5S is equipped with a 480 Wh lithium-ion battery and a powerful 500W motor that gives a max travel range up to 40 miles with a top speed at 15.5 mph. You may not get the max range as it depends on several factors which cause to use more battery power and resulting in less mileage.

As the battery capacity is higher, it needs about 7 hours before fully charged. It might not bother you if you appreciate the range you get it at the end. Moreover, for heavyweight riders weighing 250 pounds or more, this scooter is an excellent choice to adjust the speed as well as range. Because of being heavyweight, the rider will probably get compromised speed and mileage from any of the electric scooters. So picking up a higher mileage and powerful motor will give you worry-free and long happy riding experiences.

Great Smoothness

Having 10-inch pneumatic tires doesn’t always give you a smooth and comfortable ride on an electric scooter. Surely, it helps to get less shocks and bumps on uneven terrain with these types of tires that are also very durable and popular nowadays. But it needs shock absorbers to get a smoother and stable quality of riding. The JOYOR X5S has designed with a front-wheel suspension and combined with air-filled tires to get the maximum smoothness on the road.

The braking system is also very responsive and quick in this scooter. Its mechanical anti-lock braking system is very efficient and responsive in the time of use and it ensures the safety of the rider. If you an experienced rider, you must know that how important is the braking system while turning a corner or stopping at a safer distance to avoid a collision.

Perfect Design

What design makes an electric scooter a perfect? Having sturdy design, foldable, compact, portable, stylish and user-friendly features make an electric scooter perfect. This JOYOR is one of the complete design electric scooters that is well-built, lightweight, easy foldable and portable to anywhere. The foldable, adjustable handlebar and easy folding stem makes it compacted that can fit in the back of a car or trunk or even you can carry it in the public transport at ease.

Built with aerospace-grade magnesium frame makes this scooter lightweight which is about 33 pounds and structurally strong to carry a load up to 265 pounds. In addition, the LCD display is given to keep track of the battery life and control various modes for speed for the rider. A front headlight and taillight are provided for riding at dark and safety. You will also get a warranty up to 1-year on different parts with this scooter.

  • Top Speed : 30 mph
  • Range : 12 Miles
  • Battery Type : Lithium-Ion
  • Max Weight: 265 lbs
  • Motor: 1600W
  • Product Weight: 117 lbs
  • Wheel Size: 11 Inches
  • Age : 16+ 
  • Charging Time : 6-8 hours 

Topping the list, the UberScoot Electric Scooter is one of our most powerful electric scooters for heavyweight adults 250 pounds. You might be wondered what are the features that let us put this scooter in this shortlist. There are several reasons behind it for choosing this electric scooter and it is in demand for riders who want power and speed.

Incredible Power

Featuring with a 1600 Watt brushless motor makes this scooter a very powerful and highest powerful motor among our top selected scooters. As you can expect, it propels the max speed at 30 miles per hour which is also the highest speed in range. If you are a beginner, this scooter is like a beast and dangerous too for riding at top speed.

When you have a powerful motor, it demands a powerful battery as well. The Uberscoot comes with 48V (Four 12V) sealed lead-acid (SLA) battery which gives a max travel range up to 12 miles on fully charged. We were expecting lithium-ion battery as it is more powerful and durable but comes with heavy prices. Considering the price range, this is good enough for heavyweight riders. 

Sturdy Built

If you are looking for a solid, durable, and well-built electric scooter, the UberScoot is one of the best as you can see. Its aluminum and steel frame makes it durable and heavy which weighs about 117 pounds. The good thing is that due to the heavy construction, it is capable of carrying a rider max bodyweight up to 265 pounds at ease.

The 11-inch pneumatic knobby tires are also perfect for on-road or off-road riding. As you get a top speed at 30 mph, these tires are good for traction and grip that connect to the road surface and give you proper control and safety. The front and rear spring suspensions are excellent for smoothness and balance. Overall, the tires and shock absorbers are well-oriented for comfortability and smoothness so that a rider can enjoy at his max. 

Innovative Features

Unlike other scooters on our list, the UberScoot has an option to install a seat that comes with it. You can either stand or seat while riding. Besides, the deck is wide and helpful for big-foot riders. It is also foldable and portable to carry at the back of the trunk. The weight might be a problem for one person to lift but the fact is when you need something powerful, you supposed to feel it.

This electric scooter is a climbing machine. If you need to climb uphills throughout your daily commute, this is the best scooter that can conquer almost any hills. It has also come with front and rear disc brakes for a quick and responsive brake. A good-quality braking system is essential for safety and balance for the rider. In general, we liked this scooter for heavyweight rider weighs above 250 pounds but lack of mileage; we ranked it into the Best premium category instead.

  • Top Speed : 18 mph
  • Range : 12 Miles
  • Battery Type : Lithium-Ion
  • Max Weight: 264 lbs
  • Motor: 450W
  • Product Weight: 36 lbs
  • Wheel Size: 10 Inches
  • Age : 13+ 
  • Charging Time : 4.5-6 hours 

For years Hover, a renowned electric scooter brand, is giving its effort to keep updating with the latest technology and design. Hover-1 Alpha is one of its best electric scooters for riders in many sorts. Having some extraordinary and remarkable features, it has taken place into our top list for best electric scooters for 250 pounds adults’ category. Let’s look into the scooter and what’s best in it. 

Incredible Power

Hover has designed this extraordinary e-scooter with a powerful 450W brushless motor and an industry-leading 30-cell lithium-ion battery that maximizes the overall functionality. The maximum speed and travel range you get it from this scooter are well-expected compared to the similar types of scooters. So there is no rush to look for another one like this one.

However, not everyone is getting the expected range that is about 12 miles on a single charge. Because of the different circumstances like riding style, speed variations, various types of terrains, or even the bodyweight that can affect the travel range you might expect from this type of e-scooter.

Its battery constructed with a 36V 6.0Ah Lithium-ion battery that provides easy charging and quick charge time that takes about 4.5 -6.5 hours before fully charged. If you are a daily commuter, we would suggest you carry the charger which might not necessary but in case. Also, the speed is very fast according to the configuration and settings and gives a top speed up to 18 mph which is good enough for short-distance trips or for your daily commuting. 

Advanced Features

Using a high-tech, advanced, and stylish looking electric scooter is in demand among all generations. The Hover-A-Alpha is designed and built with few advanced and useful features to make its rider more confident and connected. Its ultra-sleek digital display on the handlebar looks amazing and helps the rider to keep monitoring the speed and mode.

Its built-in Bluetooth speaker, however, entertains its rider if connected with an android phone. If you ever feel bored and like to listen to your favorite music while riding, this is what you will  like the most. Besides, it has a bright LED headlight which is for suitable riding at night. You might enjoy the old-fashioned bike bell mounted on brake-lever. It is perhaps more appropriate for other pedestrians or cyclists to know you’re nearby but won't get attention for other vehicles.

Smooth Riding 

What do you expect for a smooth ride in an electric scooter? Perhaps, a pair of air-filled tires, good shock absorbers, and a fast responsive braking system is the foremost requisition to enjoy a nice and stable riding experience. In this scooter, you will get 10-inch pneumatic tires as well as rear disc brake for maximum control on the road while getting lesser shocks and bumps.

The built quality and design of this ergonomic scooter is convenient and outstanding. For riders of any age or gender can easily cope with its fancy style. In fact, you will be surprised, how convenient and useful this e-scooter is with a maximum weight capacity of 265 pounds and how easy it is to fold. Moreover, its compact size weighing around 36 pounds makes it very lightweight and portable to carry it anywhere you go.

  • Top Speed : 15.6 mph
  • Range : 18.6 Miles
  • Battery Type : Lithium-Ion
  • Max Weight: 256 lbs
  • Motor: 350W
  • Product Weight: 28.4 lbs
  • Wheel Size: 8.5 Inches
  • Age : 13+ 
  • Charging Time : 3.5-4 hours 

Macwheel is an electric scooter brand that has been growing recently. Our next topping list competitor is Macwheel MX1 Electric Scooter which is one of the best for carrying a max load of 250 lbs. Having some startling features with a affordable price, it has become one of our favorites too. 

Excellent Braking

Unlike many scooters, this Macwheel MX1 has front anti-locking braking and rear disc braking system installed for smooth and very responsive braking when needed. Riding safety and smooth turning mostly depends on a good braking system in an electric scooter. While most e-scooters having only drum brake, it has more advanced braking technology called ABS and another most effective one is disc braking. So a rider will be safe and sound when riding this scooter.

Moreover, its 8.5-inch inner foam front and rear tires are very flexible and puncture-free. Those who worry about the tires getting flat will surely be happy with it. Also, these tires perform much better in shock absorption and anti-slip on the road compared to solid rubber tires. In fact, with Air-free technology, you don’t need to inflate these tires and hardly needs any maintenance.

Great Combination

Featuring with a standard 350W hub motor and high capacity 270Wh (Watt-hour) lithium-ion battery becomes a great combination of speed and mileage. On a single charge, you may expect a max range up to 18.6 miles with a top speed up to 15.6 miles per hour. For beginners or teenagers, the speed at this rate might be a bit uncomfortable and dangerous and hence this scooter has three-speed modes that help setting up speed limit as per your comfortability.

This electric scooter is not only great for mileage but also fast at charging time around 4 hours for your next ride. Apart from several factors, this is a well-built and powerful electric scooter for riding average slopes but not very convenient for climbing hills at ease. You will also get a decent acceleration power as well nice turning radius with its non-pneumatic tires that make a big difference for a heavyweight rider. 

Sleek Design

When you want to ride in style and feel the comfort and smoothness in an electric scooter, not each of them comes in the first row. The Macwheel Electric Scooter is one of the sturdy and stylish scooters in this range that gives a great impression and comfort to its riders. Built-in LED display, soft-rubber handlebar grip, anti-slip deck, and a beautiful foldable kickstand help the rider getting full comfort and ease while riding.

Folding is also very easy while you have one like Macwheel MX1. It’s just need one-second to fold/unfold the scooter and makes it portable to carry anywhere with you. Weighing just about 29 pounds, this electric scooter is suitable for heavy weight rider up to 254 pounds. Moreover, front and rear lights are provided for riding at dark for added safety. Overall this is one of the reliable, robust and compact electric scooters for adults or teenagers. 

  • Top Speed : 15 mph
  • Range : 15 Miles
  • Battery Type : Lithium-Ion
  • Max Weight: 255 lbs
  • Motor: 350W
  • Product Weight: 28 lbs
  • Wheel Size: 8 Inches
  • Age : 13+ 
  • Charging Time : 3-4 hours 

If you want a reliable, easy foldable and economical type electric scooter for heavyweight adult, Glion Dolly Foldable Electric Scooter is one best suitable option for you. Having some common and rider-friendly features, it has overcome our trials and makes itself in this top list for heavyweight adults up to 250 lbs. 

Smart Design

Having a foot-operated folding mechanism and self-standing dolly features make Glion a user-friendly and easy portable electric scooter in a similar category. It takes just 1-second for the rider to fold or unfold when needed and smartly constructed a retractable dolly handle and roller wheels to use it like a suitcase. Although, this scooter only weighs about 28 pounds which is lightweight and practical but some users may find annoying walking with it. So design like dolly feature makes it comfortable for carrying it for a long time without hardship.

Those who are familiar with brake lever for brakes, Glion electric scooter is going to surprise them with its twist-grist accelerator as well brake. The handlebar is also mounted with a battery indicator to keep track of battery life in case you run out of juice before reaching your destination. 

Durable Construction

The Glion is one of the industry-standard solid built and durable electric scooters that uses an aircraft-grade aluminum frame to make it lighter and powder coated paint to resist corrosion. Everyone wants a reliable, durable, and well-built electric scooter that lasts long in various conditions. And we believe the Glion might help you with that even if you are a heavyweight rider.

Moreover, the front suspension helps to get a smooth and comfortable riding experience along with its 8-inch honeycomb tires. Honeycomb tires are created to last long and absorb pressure. As it is air-free tires and solid, there is no chance of getting flat tires and hardly need any repairs. You will also get a good-quality braking system occupied here as well.

Satisfactory Performance

Powered by a 250W gearless hub motor and 36V 7.8Ah lithium-ion battery combination, this e-scooter propel a top speed at 15.6 miles per hour and the travel range might be around 10-15 miles depending on riding style, weight, and terrains. This scooter may not as powerful as a 350W scooter, but it is quieter and economically efficient. The charging time is also less than many other e-scooters on the same range.

If you are looking for a lightweight, portable, cost-efficient and beneficial for longer terms for your daily commute transportation, the Glion must be one of the best electric scooters for adults weighs up to 250 pounds. This e-scooter isn’t suitable for climbing hills but a great public transport alternative for flat surfaces. 

Things to Consider before Buying an Electric Scooter for Adults 250 lbs+

Weight Capacity

If you are a heavyweight and willing to ride an electric scooter, the first things that you should look for the weight capacity or load capacity of the electric scooter you choose. In the USA, the average weight for a male is 196 pounds and the female is 168 pounds. Most electric scooters are capable of carrying a rider weighing up to 220 pounds easily. However, as you exceed the weight limit, you will get less in overall performance and end up causing an accident.

So if you are an adult and heavier than average male or female, then you must consider the max weight capacity of an electric scooter. The more you get, the better it performs. Can you guess the max weight limit you can find in an electric scooter? It's limited but perhaps you will find an electric scooter that can take load up to 550 pounds. 


For the heavyweight rider, the built-quality and construction of an electric scooter is very important. Most scooters pricing from $300 to above are usually used aluminum and steel frame for making it lightweight and sturdy. Whereas many scooters are manufactured for heavyweight riders that are way stronger and tested. The materials used are the same but the quality or grade can be varied according to brands and value.

If you want to spend money on something like an electric scooter, you must deserve something that is built to last. Although an electric scooter is made of electric motor and battery, it is sensitive to water and wet temperature so it needs maintenance. You may find guidelines on how to maintain your e-scooter in the manual but you must use your instinct in many cases. 

Speed & Range

If you are a daily commuter or short-distance walker from home to work or school or often go for errands, an electric scooter is a great choice for you. It is also eco-friendly and cost-efficient transportation that saves a lot of time and energy. So before you go for a perfect electric scooter for your daily needs, you must consider the speed you can handle and a decent travel range that gives you a safe return.

Manufacturers released their electric scooters claiming a max speed and range that in most cases aren’t accurate for every user. This is because speed and range may vary depending on several factors like battery conditions, rider’s weight, terrain, and also riding style.

So if you are an overweight rider or more or less 250 pounds rider, you may not get the exact range or speed that describes in features. In that case, if you want more mileage and speed, you must choose a powerful and long-range electric scooter.

High-pressure Tire

Tires are very important for an electric scooter that takes all the pressure and connect directly on the road surfaces. If the tires are not good-quality or type, you might end up getting flat tires, spinning, and wear and tear rapidly. For an adult weigh about 250 lbs or more needs good quality and high-pressure tires that give good traction and smoothness while riding.

There are mainly two types of tires; Pneumatic Tire and Solid Tire. You may find another type of tire called Honeycomb tire which is also solid type but there are holes inside the tires to take the pressure instead of passing it to the device. Pneumatic tires are air-filled and very effective and durable. But you may get flat tires where the solid tire is flat-free and absorb less shocks and bumps. If you are confused about which tire to choose for your electric scooter, we suggest picking pneumatic tires for smooth and comfortable riding experiences.

Motor Power

A powerful motor is good for if you need high-torque and acceleration when riding but comes expensive. Generally, motor power is measured by watt. Most electric scooters have one motor while the powerful one might have two. We have selected a few ranges of power motor from 250W to 1600W for heavyweight rider around 250 lbs. You will be surprised to know that the most powerful electric scooter considered a motor power of 10000W.

If you buy a 250w motor power electric scooter doesn’t mean it is not suitable for heavyweight rider. Surely, it will not perform as compared to 500W motor but you can still ride it. There is one thing that will be difficult for 250W motor, is to climb uphill with a heavyweight rider. For people who live in hills or need to climb hills for the daily commute, we highly recommend to go for a scooter with powerful motor above 500W. Otherwise, you need to walk with your scooter while climbing. 

Fast Scooters

​Tips to How to Speed Up and Electric Scooter

After using an electric scooter for a few weeks, many riders seem not to be satisfied and desperate to find a solution to speed up the electric scooter at any means. If you are also interested to know how to increase the speed of an electric scooter for adults, we have a few tips that might help you to understand the procedures better.

Before you speed up your electric scooter, we suggest checking with your local laws or prohibition about the top speed for riding an electric scooter unless you use private land or racetrack. 

1. Remove Speed Limiter

An electric scooter is designed to give the max speed with a speed limiter. What is a speed limiter? It is a device or controller that measures the speed of a machine and controls it. Every electric scooter has come up with a speed limiter that might be fixed or changeable by the rider. It is in most cases provided by the manufacturer due to legal proceedings.

Unless restricted by the laws, you can speed up your electric scooter to its real max limit by simply removing the speed limiter module. Basically, you need to open the deck where all the wires are being connected and find the one which is connected with sensor to computer system. If the wire is disconnected that means your speed limiter is detached and if it is connected, you can disconnect it. We only recommending to those has some mechanical and electrical knowledge.

You will be lucky enough if you have an expensive electric scooter which might have setting options at the display to disable the speed limiter. Removing it is not a hard job but it may vary according to the brands and types of e-scooters. So our recommendation is to follow the guidelines by the manufacturer to be safe.

Also be aware that if your local laws aren’t permitting electric scooter without speed limiter, you may end up getting fines or even impounded of your scooter. In that case, you can ride in private property or racetrack. 

2. Update Battery Power

The battery is the main power source that provides sufficient power pushing the motor to its limit. The faster you want to go, the faster the battery drains out “juice” and end up slowing down your ride. You may notice while the battery is full, the amount of speed you get from an electric scooter, eventually it gets slower as the battery level drops down.

The best way to maintain a battery is to charge properly each time before using it. But still, in time, the battery will perform significantly shorter and you will get slower speed. This is when you should consider updating the battery or even increase the voltage depending on the wattage of your electric scooter.

Lithium-ion battery is very powerful and reserves charge for a longer period of times but it comes expensive. If you need to update the battery, you should probably use substantially higher volt-batteries between 24V-48V for your electric scooter. But be aware that, using a higher voltage might cause burning out the motor. 

3. Install Additional Battery 

Adding an extra battery doesn’t really increase your speed but it helps to maintain the top speed for a longer period of time. Moreover, it is not an easy process to add an additional battery into the electric scooter unless you are a technician. As it involves wiring and maintains the safe voltage to the controller, things can go wrong easily and you may end up damage the motor and controller.

If you can remove the controller and connect the batteries directly to the motor that will give you faster speed or even you can update the program to adjust the voltage to the motor. This way you can speed up your electric scooter but it needs technical knowledge to do it. Otherwise, you might lose your e-scooter in longing faster speed.

4. Replace the motor

One of the most effective ways to increase the speed of an electric scooter is to replace the motor to higher watts. Generally, motor power controls the speed you get it from an electric scooter. In rule of thumb, more powerful the motor you have, more speed you get. Thus once you replace it with a more powerful motor considering the power source and voltage, ultimately you will speed up your electric scooter.

Replacing a motor is not as easy as it seems. You need to consider and find the exact match of your motor to fit into the electric scooter. Depending on the model you have, if you find a super powerful like 8000 watts motor, you should be well aware of the power capacity and voltage in your scooter before using it. Because the motor you might use can use more battery power and drain out the juice quickly. 

5. Upgrade Firmware

A few scooters like Ninebot MAX or Xiaomi m365 electric scooters are designed programmable by the riders. You can update the firmware and also can disable speed controller easily. You can download the modified versions of specific firmware for your electric scooter. Surely it will improve the speed drastically but be aware of the heat produced by constant power to tour motor at high speed. 

6. Change the Sprockets

There is another alternative to speed up your electric scooter. Electric scooters have sprockets installed which can be modified according to the ratio. Using larger size sprocket at the front and smaller sprocket at the rear make a minor difference of speed and acceleration. You may find many types of sprockets for electric scooters depending on models and brands. Before you change it, make sure to analyze the types and sizes that fit into your electric scooter. Using the wrong one can damage the wheel and most likely won’t fit.

Moreover, it won’t take much effort and cost to change the sprockets of your scooter but you need minimal knowledge before doing it. If you are a beginner, it’s not worth taking risks while there are other options available.

7. Use Flat Terrain

In most cases, you might not be getting proper speed due to uneven, sloppy, and rough terrain. An electric scooter is best suitable for riding in flat surfaces where you will get the top speed at its max. Manufacturers try to design and built most scooters for riding on flat-terrain as it uses less power and gives maximum speed. So if you use otherwise, there is a chance that you are not getting the top speed from your electric scooter. For this reason, you should use the flat and smooth terrain for your daily commute to feel the speed before modifying it.

8. Rewind Motor

If you are familiar with rewinding a motor, you must know how the rewinding helps getting higher RPM (Revolutions per minute). If your motor gets overheated, you must know that it’s time to get rewinding your motor. Winding a coil is not something you can do without proper training. So before you do it, we recommend getting help from a professional at a minimal cost.

To speed up your electric scooter, you need to decrease the number of winding in the coil so that you get less torque and higher RPM. On the contrary, increasing the wind will give you more torque. This is one of the old technics that has been using in all sorts of vehicles or machines for years. 

9. Increase Aerodynamics

If you are a beginner or even with no technical knowledge, modifications of an electric scooter are not always comfortable options. In some cases, it is not even worth it. Instead, you can focus on something that may help speed up your electric scooter not by much but worth the try.

As we discussed in our review articles, weight is one of the major factors that affects the speed and range as the motor needs more power to push. If you are using an electric scooter that is capable of weighing more than your body weight, the chance of getting more speed is higher than using one underrated.

Also, if you notice any features or parts that aren’t necessary while riding your e-scooter like a luggage rack or basket or even the seat, you can take these out to make it lighter. Basically, as lighter, it gets more chance of getting max speed while riding.


How fast a heavyweight electric scooter can go?

An electric scooter can go from 10 miles to 30 miles per hour on an average range depending on various power and brands. Eventually, you may find an electric scooter that can go as fast as 150 mph. Technically, the speed of an electric scooter is variable due to several factors. How powerful is your electric scooter, how much battery juice left, the weight of the rider, riding style, terrain types, etc. affect on getting the max speed of an electric scooter. 

What is the maximum range for a heavyweight electric scooter?

The maximum travel range you can get between 10 and 30 miles on average electric scooter depending on brands and capacity. For a heavyweight rider, the range will not be the same as for others. Because it does not only depend on the power or battery capacity of an electric scooter but also on rider's body weight, types of tires, and terrain conditions. For example, if a 200-pound rider gets 20 miles to range from an electric scooter while 250 pounds rider will get 18 miles to range from the same scooter.

Do you need a helmet riding an electric scooter?

Unless you don’t worry about the safety of yours and your loved ones, you don’t need a helmet. But we strongly suggest you wear a helmet while riding an electric scooter whether its top speed at 6 mph or 30 mph. Safety should be the first priority before riding an e-scooter. In the U.S thousands of injuries incurred for riding an electric scooter and more than 30% are head injuries. So definitely you need a helmet to protect from head-injuries while riding an electric scooter. 

Where to find a heavyweight electric scooter?

There are two places where you can find a heavyweight electric scooter; physical store and virtual store. For a physical store, you need to search for your local areas where they sell bikes, e-scooters, and others. On the other hand, you can use Amazon, eBay, Walmart, Etsy, etc. for online shopping. As many people encourage online shopping, we recommend Amazon or Walmart for buying an electric scooter as trusted by thousands of people. 

Are all the electric scooters fit for a heavyweight rider? 

Apparently, No. A heavyweight rider needs an electric scooter that is capable of carrying rider’s body weight, made with heavy construction, and combined with power and battery for max performance. If you are a heavyweight rider, you might use any sorts of electric scooter but in the end, you will be damaging the scooter as well as put yourself in danger.

Final Verdict

Electric scooter is an eco-friendly and great alternative way of transportation. For higher demand, this industry is booming rapidly as many people are using it for a daily commute or fun-time with friends and family. For being overweight, it is not limited to get the same feelings as others. For that reason, there are plenty of electric scooters that are being made for 250 lbs+ riders. You need to choose that best suit for you and we are here to help you decide which one is truly perfect for your needs.

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