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Everyone loves to race. But with a bigger vehicle or a racing vehicle, it is not possible all the time. With the best electric go kart racing is very simple. You just need a perfect place to race. Usually, electric go karts are light and easy to use. The most important thing is these go karts run by battery power, which leads these go-karts to race at any time.

These go karts normally have a good speed to ride. These are also safe to ride, which makes these perfect for a race. Another important thing is these are usable for the kids too. So any persons, kids or adults can enjoy racing with these electric go karts.

Best Electric Go Kart Reviews

For you here are 4 best electric go kart in the market.


Razor Ground Force Electric Go-Kart


  • 45 minutes continue ride
  • Perfect for all
  • 12 mph speed
  • Steel made construction
  • Easy use
  • Chain driven motor and battery powered
  • Accelerator and brake


  • Not preferable for below 8 years

For the riders of 8 years and above, this is one of the best in the market. It has all the friendly features for the convenience of the riders of all age. Its weight is 140 pounds, and with this weight, it can hold the load up to 200 pounds. This go kart has a powerful and high torque chain driven motor, which can give a speed up to 12 mph. for racing or other purposes, this motor is a great one. There are two 12V sealed lead acid batteries in this go kart. These batteries are rechargeable, and they take 4-6 hours to get a full charge. With a single charge, these batteries give a continue 45 minutes ride which is perfect for any purpose.

I have included a video on this go-kart at the end of this page. The video is fun where few kids have a race with their Razor Electric Go-kart.

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This go kart has steel frame to give a strong and durable construction to it. It has 4 wheels which are made with aluminum and give greater stability to the go kart. Wheels help to take any tight turn easily. The seat of this go kart is soft and comfortable. To get a speed in a quick time, this go kart has a thumb controlled accelerator. This provides faster speed in a short period. To ensure safety and to give a smooth ride, this go kart has a hand operated braking system.

Razor Ground Force Drifter Kart


  • Chain-driven motor
  • 12 mph speed
  • Lightweight
  • 40 minutes ride in a single charge
  • Electric powered
  • Hand operated brake
  • Thumb power acceleration


  • Some users found the chain has been slipping off from the motor.

Want to have fun with go-kart? This go go-kart by Razor is here for you to increase fun as it has some friendly features for you. This go-kart has Ground Force Design to ride on it easily and with comfort. This go-kart has a nice design too with blue color. The seat of it is comfortable and has a safety belt for ensuring the maximum safety. To ride on it at any time, this one is battery powered. With a single charge, the 24V battery of this go-kart gives a ride of continue 40 minutes.

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This go kart has a chain driven motor, which is very powerful. This motor gives a speed of 12 mph, which is perfect for all types of riders. To ride with ease and to simply control it, this go kart has a very light weight of 140 pounds. To give a better drifting, its rear wheels are super-slick, and the chassis of this go kart is race tuned. To provide better acceleration, this go kart has thumb trigger acceleration system. As it has hand operated rear brakes, this go kart ensures the best safety of the rider.

Razor Dune Buggy


  • Extra Protection
  • High-performance motor
  • 10 mph speed
  • Large tires
  • Padded bucket seat
  • Lightweight
  • Comfortable seat with seat belt
  • Hand operated brake-throttle


  • The flag should have taller

Looking for a lightweight go kart? This one is great for its very lightweight. It has only 83 pounds of weight. This go kart can hold the weight up to 120 pounds. For the riders of 8 years and above, this go-kart is the perfect one. This go kart has a solid frame around the rider’s seat to protect the rider from falling off if an accident occurs. The frame is made with top quality steel for durable construction. The seat of this go kart is padded and includes seatbelt for safety.

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This go kart is run by a high-performance powerful 350-watt electric motor. This go kart is capable of climbing with low torque and high torque gearing. This motor gives a speed of 10 mph. Rechargeable battery gives 40 minutes continue to ride with a single charge. The tires of this go kart are 8 inches wide to provide greater stability and a smooth ride. The rear wheels have disc brake for the safety of the rider. This go-kart also has hand-operated throttle and brake controls to handle it easily.

Razor Crazy Cart


  • Pneumatic tire
  • Foot pedal acceleration
  • Perfect for drifting
  • 12 mph speed
  • 24V battery
  • Easy controlling
  • Anti-tip construction


  • No breaks

Razor brought another great go kart to have by racing with friends and family members. This one gives the thrill to enjoy your time. This go kart has a chain driven motor, which provides a speed of 12 mph. Its foot pedal acceleration helps to accelerate faster, which is ideal for racing. It has a great drifting system, which allows the rider to drift sideways, diagonally, forward and backward. The drift bar and the steering will allow you to turn easily. Steering helps to take a tight turn and even the 360 turn.

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Pneumatic front tires and front caster wheel made anti-tip for the safety of the rider. This go kart runs with battery power. It can run for continue 40 minutes with a single charge. Its weight is 140 pounds, which is perfect for controlling it easily for any riders. The seat of this go kart is comfortable to ride on it with ease. The construction of this go kart is also very robust and durable to use it for a long time.

Electric Go Kart Buying Guide

As this go kart is for fun, you must look for some certain features before buying one or you will not get the best fun from it. Here are some tips to buy the best go kart.


The quality of the scooter is one of the main features. All the materials should be top quality. It must be strong and durable enough to make the go kart use for a long time. You must make sure the materials are all high quality before buying.


10-12 mph speed is the perfect speed for all. Less than 10 mph speed is not sufficient. A good motor gives a great speed. So make sure that the motor is capable of giving a good performance.

Battery power

The heavy-duty battery provides an extended mileage. A good battery also takes less time to get a full charge. Make sure that the battery gives at least 40 minutes continue to ride in a single charge.


The go kart must have a tight brake to ensure the safety of the rider. The tires are also equally important. Good tires give superior stability and save from tip over.


The go kart must have easy handling to ensures smooth riding. As a go kart will be used mostly for racing, easy handling will help the rider to race with ease. To turn quickly and to cross another rider easily, ease handling is a must.


The price of the go kart varies according to the features. Try to buy the best one having all the necessary features within your budget to use it for long.


Best electric go kart gives the best experience to race with them. These are the best medium for fun. So buy anyone of these electric go karts. They will not disappoint you.

Here is the video for Razor Ground Force Go-kart

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