Best Electric Dirt Bike for Kids 2018

Do you want to give a thrilling experience to your kid? Electric dirt bikes are here for you. Kids, now a day love these bikes more than other entertainments. As these dirt bikes give the same thrill of motocross, kids are very fond of these and spend their time with great fun.Electric dirt bike can be more fun and exciting than any other electric scooter or normal electric bike. [toc]

This is popular because these dirt bikes are run by the electric power with zero cost of fuel. These dirt bikes are small and light to handle easily by the kids.

But why the electric bikes and which one is the best? In this review, we will provide information about 5 best electric dirt bike for kids in the market with the benefit of dirt bike and the guide.


Benefits of Electric Dirt Bike for Kids

Benefits of electric dirt bikes are immense. But what are they? Let’s see.Electrickids Dirt Bike

  • Smaller size helps the kids to control them easily.
  • Lightweight makes the bikes handled by the kids comfortably.
  • Moderate speed is perfect for the kids to ride without any danger.
  • Thick tires and brakes ensure the best safety.
  • The seat of these bikes is very comfortable.
  • Noise free riding is very healthy for the kids.
  • Riding these bikes means a physical activity to the kids, which is very important for their growth.
  • Improve their motor skills.
  • Helps the kids to avoid addiction of TV, games and virtual world.
  • It’s a fun activity, which helps the kids pass the time with joy.


Top 5 Best Electric Dirt Bike

From several types of electric dirt bikes, here are the 5 best of them for your convenience.

MX500 Dirt Rocket Electric Bike

Brand: Razor

  • Heavy duty motor
  • Geometric frame design
  • Large tires and disc brake
  • Dual suspension and handlebars
  • Easy control and comfortable
  • Kickstand and 90-day warranty

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One of the best electric dirt bike, which fulfills all the demand of dirt biking. Its powerful battery is a heavy one to provide up to 45 minutes continues ride. This battery takes 8 hours to be fully charged.

The heavy duty, noise free and powerful 500-watt electric motor can produce the speed of 15 mph. For fast and easy acceleration, this bike has twist grip throttle.

The authentic geometric frame design of this bike makes it attractive to the kids. This design helps the kids to control the bike easily. The dual suspension and riser handlebars of this bike are very convenient to control this bike easily and comfortably.

16-inch front tire and 14-inch rear tires are good enough for ensuring the safety of the rider. Hand operated disc brakes are also great for handling the bike smoothly.

The kickstand of this bike is very convenient for parking it easily. Recommended for 14 years and older, this dirt bike can bear the load of up to 175 pounds.

A 90-day warranty is also included with this bike.

MX650 Dirt Rocket Electric Bike

Brand: Razor

  • 17 mph speed
  • Authentic design
  • 650-watt motor
  • Dual suspension
  • Pneumatic tire and disc brake
  • 220 weight limit

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Another great electric dirt bike for the kids. This bike has a noise free, powerful and chain driven 650-watt motor to get a speed of 17 mph. The twist grip throttle makes the acceleration faster.

The authentic geometric design and bike frame is perfect for motocross experience. The yellow color is very attractive.

For the comfort of the kids, this bike has dual suspension and riser handlebars. The seat is also soft and comfortable and has an adjustable height.

The rechargeable battery of this bike gives continue up to 40 minutes driving experience. The battery takes 8 hours to get a full charge.

For the safety and security of the kids, this dirt bike has a 16-inch front tire and 14-inch rear tire. The hand-operated disc brakes are very reliable to save the kids from any kind of danger. Dual suspension is also very helpful. To get a good control over the bike, this bike has folding metal foot pegs.

To make this electric dirt bike perfect for all the kids, this bike has the ability to bear the load of 22o pounds of weight. This bike also includes a 90-day warranty.

MX350 Dirt Rocket Electric Bike

Brand: Razor

This electric dirt bike is the ultimate one for the kids to enjoy their time with fun. This bike has high torque motor, which provides a great speed for the kids. The twist grip throttle makes the acceleration easier and helps to change the gear easily. The motor is noise free as it is driven by a chain.

The 12-inch pneumatic tires are very firm and perfect for dirt biking for the kids. Hand operated brake provides the safety of the kids.

The seat is comfortable to seat for longer. The design is attractive for the kids.  To park it easily, this dirt bike has a kickstand.

This dirt bike has a powerful rechargeable battery, which takes 8 hours to full charge and with this charge this bike can run for continue 40 minutes.

To use by all types of kids, this electric dirt bike can bear the load the weight of 140 pounds.

SX500 McGrath Dirt  Electric Bike

Brand: Razor

15 mph speed
40 minutes continue ride
High torque motor
Dual suspension
Pneumatic tire and disc brake
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Inspired by the design of the bike of motocross driver Jeremy McGrath, this is one of the most favorite electric dirt bikes to the kids. Its high torque motor is chain driven to make it free from noise. This motor can give a speed of 15 mph, which is perfect for the kids. The twist grip throttle makes acceleration faster and easier. Kids will get super-charged experience by the variable speed of this motor.

This bike has scaled-down geometric frame design, which is perfect for the kids to ride.

This electric dirt bike has a rechargeable battery, which gives the power to drive the bike for continue 40 minutes. The battery takes 6-8 hours to get a full charge.

For the smooth and comfortable ride, this bike has dual suspension and adjustable handlebar. The kickstand is very convenient to park the bike in any place.

For the safety of the kids, this bike has a large pneumatic tire, 16-inch front, and 14-inch rear. Hand operated disc brakes in both tires help to avoid any accidents.

The seat has a comfortable height of 3 ft. The seat is also very soft to seat with comfort.

Electric Junior E-Bike

Electric Junior E Bike

Brand: Jetson

12 mph speed
10-mile range per charge
Easy use and comfortable
Stylish and fashionable
Adjustable handlebar
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A beautiful looking electric dirt bike for the kids to get all the experience of the dirt biking. This dirt bike has a heavy duty and powerful motor, which can make a speed of 12 mph perfect for all the kids.

The 24V rechargeable battery has 10-mile coverage with a single charge. This battery takes only 3-4 hours to get a full charge. There is also a battery charge indicator to check the while charging.

The seat has an adjustable height and also very soft and comfortable to sit. The design of this dirt bike is very stylish and fashionable.

The tires are extra thick, and the brakes are extra tight to give a safe and smooth ride for the kids. The handlebars help the kids to handle the bike easily. The kickstand is good enough to park the bike simply. There is also on/off switch for the convenience of the kids.


Best Electric Dirt Bike Buying Guide

Electric dirt bikes help the kids to spend their time with joy. But their time can be spoiled if you choose the wrong dirt bike. How will you choose the right bike? Here are the tips to buy the best electric dirt bike.

Quality: Carefully examine the materials of the dirt bike. The materials must be high quality. The bike quality should also be high quality.

Speed: The dirt bike must have the perfect speed for the kids. too much speed will be harmful to the kids as they will face difficulty to handle it.

Handling: The handling of the dirt bike must be easy. Light weighted bikes are preferable. Firm handlebar helps to control the bike easily.

Recommendations: Manufacturers recommend the bikes for the different ages and weight of kids. Buy the bike according to the age and weight of your kid.

Safety: Safety is one of the main concerns of the bikes before buying. Tight brakes and thick tires ensure both safety and comfort for the kids.

Cost: Electric Dirt bikes are of different price. If you have a limited budget, try to buy the best one within your budget.

Kids love the electric dirt bikes more than other bikes. If you want to make your kid happy, buy the best electric dirt bike now. It will enable your child to enjoy time with less cost and will provide maximum safety.




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