Do you want to find out how to buy the best electric scooter for 2022?
Or do you want to gift an amazing scooter to your children?
Do you love to ride, and want to buy an amazing but affordable electric scooter?

We are here not to refer you a usual electric scooter. We are here to offer you the top quality electric scooter from the markets. Based on quality and price, we have made lots of research to specify scooters both for children, or adult. Here you will get a guide and review that will help you to make a proper decision of buying your very first scooter.

Top Hoverboard/ Self Balancing Scooters

Technology has brought Self Balancing Scooter/ Hoverboard for the riders who want a comfortable ride for the short distance. These scooters are very easy to ride with the highest safety. Anyone can learn how to ride these scooters within a couple of rides. Most importantly, these are cheap, stylish and no need for fuel.

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Electric Scooter for Adults

From kids to the adults, there are different types of Electric Scooters for different ages of people. Adult Electric Scooters are bigger than the other types of Scooters. These are strong and durable to bear the weight of an adult. Here there is  3 most popular scooters on the market for adults.

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Editor’s choice: Razor E300S Seated Electric Scooter
This Razor Seated Electric Scooter has a high performance, better speed and quiet chain-drive motor which can speed up to 15mph. The motor gives you a noise-free driving experience. The heavy duty 24V Seal rechargeable battery has a long life. And gives a run for continue 45 minutes in a single charge. The deck size is sufficient for any sizes of riders. This Scooter has a hand-operated rear brake which enables the rider to control the Scooter without any difficulty. The 10” rear and front tires are the perfect for smooth riding and braking.

Electric Scooter for Teenagers

Teenagers like the Scooters more than others as the Scooters are very likely to their age. Electric Scooters for the teenagers are designed more attractively and colorfully for the teenagers. These teenage Electric Scooters are designed with more durability as the teenagers use these Scooters more frequently going to school, college and playgrounds. From many teenage Electric Scooters, here is the best three for you.

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Editor’s Pick: OUTSTORM MAXX Electric Scooter
Its noise free chain motor gives a quiet riding. It can run 60mph speed per hour. Having a massive 5000 Watt Rechargeable battery with 36-volt system, this Electric Scooter can cover 83 miles per charge. This powerful battery takes about 10 hours to get a full charge for the convenience. The Economy Mode button is very effective to save battery power. The 11 inch Pneumatic Street Tire of rear and front, give superior grip while riding it. Both the front and the rear wheel has disc brake for maximum safety of the rider.

Electric Scooter for Kids

In recent times, kids are also frequently using the Electric Scooters because they feel relaxed and comfort to drive the scooters as the Scooters are made very light and easy to handle. These Electric Scooters for kids are decorated with all essential features for the kids. Kids like these Scooters when they ride on these Scooters to go to school or going to the playground or simply enjoying the ride on the street beside their house. Different manufacturers provide different kinds of kids Electric Scooters in the market. Here is the best 3 for the kids.

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Editor’s Choice: E100 Electric Scooter By Razor
With its ultra light weight of 28 pounds, kids can handle the Scooter without any difficulty. This Electric Scooter has a high-torque motor which is ultra-quiet to give the kids a noise free riding. For a continue 40 minutes or more run time, this Scooter has a 24V rechargeable battery and takes maximum 12 hours to charge. The hands operate the brake, and that makes the handling the Scooter more efficiently ensuring the safety of the riders. This Scooter can run 10mph per hour perfect for the kids. The spring loaded kickstand enables to park the Scooter easily at any place.

Electric Scooter for Girls

Girls love the Electric Scooters most than all kinds of the Scooter users. As general bikes are heavy and hard to control by the girls, they just love the Scooters. Electric Scooters for girls have a nice and lovely design. These are very colorful. Most importantly, these Electric Scooters are very comfortable and have the easiest handling system to drive them with ease. Moreover, these Scooters have all the facilities and the features for the girls which they want from an Electric Scooter. From different types of girl-scooters here is the top scooters you can buy for a girl.

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Editor’s Pick: Razor Pocket Mod Electric Scooter
This Electric Scooter has bright metallic colors and handlebar full with streamers and a ring bell only for the girls. It has a comfortable padded seat which will give the girls a chance to drive this Scooter easily on the roads. To store necessary thing for the girls, this seat has a storage compartment under it. The deck of it has sufficient space to seat comfortably by any sizes and ages of girls. It has a noise free, powerful, chain driven and high-performance motor which gives a riding speed up to 15 mph. The heavy duty battery provides a 10-mile long riding with a single charge. Its light weight and scaled-down European style help to handle this Scooter with ease. Its weight is very light perfect for the girls.

What to Look for Buying an Electric Scooter

Look for Buying an Electric ScooterThough all the Electric Scooters look attractive, they all are not good and last for long. Before buying an Electric Scooter, you need to look certain features in a Scooter. What are they? Read the important features below before you buy this amazing eco-friendly product.

Brands: Manufacturer brand is one of the main features to justify. You must know the manufacturers as some of them produce high-quality products.

Budget: Before buying an Electric Scooter you must make your budget. It will help you to search the Scooter you want within your budget by saving your time. This will shorten the list of the Scooter, and you will get a chance to take the right decision to buy perfect scooter within your ability.

Research: You should research about the different types of Scooters before buying. You can physically go to the market to do this. But now a day, all the products are found on online. Survey the products through online to get a clear idea about the materials and the quality of the product saving your time.

Customer Opinion: It will be a smart decision if you check the opinions of the customer and the manufacturers on the Scooters. You will get the best idea of the Scooter from their reviews.

Special offers: Look for the special offers and the discounts to save some extra cash. For different types of occasions like Black Friday and Christmas, there are huge discounts on the price of the Electric Scooter and these will give you to get a great price value of the product.

Specific product: Decide what types of Scooter you’re going to buy according to the performance, durability or comfort. This will help you to choose the right Scooter by making the search list shorter.

What to consider when buying an Electric Scooter?

Select Best Electric ScooterChoosing the right Electric Scooter is a tough task as there are a lot of Scooters from different brands in the market. But choosing a scooter on the market will be an easy job if you follow these tips before buying one.

Type: First of all decide what types of Electric Scooter you want to buy. There are different types of Scooters according to the age and size of the user. Scooters also vary according to their performance and quality. So select the type of Electric Scooter suits to best with you.

Weight: A good Electric Scooter needs to be light weighted to handle it easily while driving. Easy handling gives a comfortable and smooth riding to the Scooter. Light weight also enables it to park it easily anywhere.

Weight Capacity: An Electric Scooter must have the capability to bear the load of its rider. From kids to the adults it is a vital factor. For the adults, it is more important. So go for the durable ones.

Speed: A speedy Scooter will help you to reach your destination in time. A great Scooter must have the highest speed suitable to its type. For the adults below 15 mph speed is not recommended and for the kids below 10 is not preferable.

Coverage: As Electric Scooter runs by battery, you will not get any chance to refuel if it loses it battery power on the road. Choose the Electric Scooters which offer larger coverage in a single charge. So go for the Electric Scooters which provide you a ride without any tension to lose power within a short time.

Battery and Charging: The battery of the Electric Scooter must be heavy duty to make the riding to the Scooter long. The high-performance battery will allow you to cover a long distance. And 8 hours charging time is a perfect time. As most of the batteries last for 40-45 minutes, more than 8 hours charging time will quite lengthy.

Comfort: If you don’t feel comfort and ease, you will never enjoy the riding on an Electric Scooter. A padded seat gives softness and comfort while driving. The deck must be large enough to seat with relaxing.

Safety: The safety of the Electric Scooter is ensured by the brakes of it. It should have strong brakes on its wheels. Great Electric Scooters have great tires on them to get more grips on the road and to give smooth riding.

Other essential parts:  Also it must have the other important features like a kickstand to park and stand the Scooter easily. It must have a battery charger with it. Storage compartment under the seat enables to carry essential tools and other things.

Durability: Take a sharp look at the materials of the Scooter you’re going to buy. A steel made Electric Scooter is always strong and lasts for a long time.

Cost: Price is the main thing before buying an Electric Scooter. Choose the Electric Scooter which is in the range of your budget but has all the essential features in it.


Advantages of Electric Scooters

The benefits of an Electric Scooter are many. Most of the people don’t know the actual benefits of Electric Scooters. But to buy and use an Electric Scooter you must know about it. Here are few of them

Easy handling: These Scooters are very simple to use and anyone from kids to adults, it can be easily handled to ride.

Less space to Drive: As these Electric Scooters are quite small, they take little space for driving. You can drive a Scooter into a narrow lane or on the walkways. To avoid the traffic jam in a busy city and to reach shorter destinations, these Electric Scooters are the best.

License Free: All the other vehicles need a driver license to drive. But these Electric Scooters don’t need driving license. So the kids can also ride them.

Secondary transportation: You can use these Scooters as secondary transportation as these Scooters are very comfortable to drive and consume less power.

Variety: There are different types of Electrical Scooters for various ages of people. You can choose the best one suitable for your age and with the age of your kids or with the age of other family members from the variety of Electric Scooters.

Low price: Electric Scooters are very cheap in price, and that makes you own a vehicle saving some extra cash.

Lightweight: All the Electric Scooters are very light weight to make them portable. With this portability, you can carry a Scooter in your other vehicle to your country house or country trips.

Quick assemble: The parts of Electric Scooters are very easy to assemble within a quick period. Even the kids can do the assembly on their own.

Simple maintenance: Another advantage of using an Electric Scooter is the simple maintenance. No complicated and heavy parts in the Electric Scooter to maintain. So the kids can give a proper maintenance to the Scooter on their own.

Comfort: Soft padded seat helps the rider to seat with comfort and ease. Large sized deck helps the rider to keep the feet with relaxing while riding. Noise free motor gives a quite ride to the rider. The wheels, tires and the brake of the Electric Scooters provide a smooth and bounce-free riding experience.

Safe: For both kids and adults, these Electric Scooters are the safest. As these Scooters can be driven on the walkways, you can avoid the street accidents. Parents feel safe about their kids to give them an Electric Scooter.

Friendly for the Environment: These Electric Scooters run by battery power with no need of burning any fuel and that makes these Scooters eco-friendly. With the help of the noise free motor, these Scooters help to make a quite environment.

Parking: As the Scooters are light, they are very easy to park at any place. The kickstand helps the parking easier for the rider.

Entertainment: You have kids? Give them Electric Scooter, and they will enjoy their time riding on it. They will pass their time with fun because these Scooters are very easy to handle and safe for them.

Money Saving: An Electric Scooter is very cheap in price. As Electric Scooter is run by battery power, it saves your money from buying the gasoline.

A Guide to follow

Guide for Use scooterBuying is not the last task to be careful of. You must be careful and aware when you’re using it. If you don’t know how to use the Electric Scooter, you won’t make the best out of it. Here are the rules to use an Electric Scooter.

Check brake

Always check the brakes before riding on the Scooter. It will make you and the Scooter safe from any accidents.

Careful about battery charge

Keep the battery fully charged when possible. Always make sure not to overcharge the battery. It will decrease the battery life as well as performance.


Scooters can be damaged. But repair the damage as early as possible because damage may lead you to an accident. Specially for the kid’s Scooter, it needs to be repaired immediately as the kids are more likely to make an accident.

Maintenance of Electric Scooters

Maintenance of Electric ScootersMaintaining an Electric Scooter is one of the vital things to make the Scooter serve you for a long time. It also helps the Scooter to provide the best performance for you. Here are the tips for the best maintaining of the Electric Scooter.

  • Follow the instructions of the user guide and manual provided by the manufacturer with the Scooter.
  • Assemble the electric scooter parts immediately if needed.
  • Always check the motor of the Scooter.
  • Keep the Scooter in a clean and cool place.
  • Never turn off the charging before fully charged.
  • Keep the wheels clean.
  • Make a regular checking of the brakes. Loose and tight the brakes when checking.
  • Clean the Scooter regularly to keep it free from dust.


Types of Electrically Powered Scooters

Electric Scooters are of different types depending on the use, age, distance, performance, and price. Electrical Scooters are of 8 different types. They are

KickElectric Kick Scooters: These Scooters are more popular among the kids and the teenagers for their easy use and for the feeling of running through the air. These are safe for both kids and adults. With speed between 10-12 mph, these Scooters have a low price too. Razor is well known for making best electric kick scooters.

MobilityElectric Mobility Scooters: For those who are not able or uncomfortable to drive the standard Electric Scooters, these Mobility Scooters are for them. 3 or 4 wheels made these Scooters very easy to control and balance. These Scooters cost a bit more than the other Scooters.

BicyclesElectric Bicycles: Having a speed of 10-25 mph and 25-35 miles coverage, these Bicycles are the best to reach the short destination. These are very helpful for health, and a standard bicycle can be converted into these by using an electric motor.

MotorcyclesElectric Motorcycles: These Electric dirt bikes are the fastest and cover most distance than all the Electric Scooters. With a 100 mph speed, these Scooters are the best for the kids as these are small in size.

Go-KartElectric Go-Kart: Go-Karts are more like a fun vehicle than to a vehicle for transportation. These are the best for adventure on a trip. These can continue 45 minutes in a single charge with more than 15 mph.

WheelchairsElectric Wheelchairs: To reduce the labor to ride in a manual wheelchair, these Electric Scooters are the best for the physically disabled persons. With a rotating chair, these Scooters have a very easy and simple controlling.

TricyclesElectric Tricycles: Want some fun while riding? Both adults and the kids love these Tricycles. Though these are not as popular as the conventional Electric Scooters, are very easy to handle with a comfortable and fun riding. These can go 20-30 miles on a single charge with a speed of 15-20 mph.

Here is the comparison chart of the different types of Electric Scooters for your convenience.

Scooter TypeUsersPriceCoverage by per charge
Speed limit
Electric Kick ScooterKids, teenage, adults$120 – $350Up to 45 minutes 12-15 mph
Electric Mobility ScooterPhysically disabled$500- $200010 miles 5-10 mph
Electric BicycleTeenage & adults$1000- $250025-40 miles10-25 mph
Electric MotorcycleProfessionals and expert racers$10,000


100 milesup to 190 mph
Electric Go-KartGo-Kart lovers$200- $900Up to 50 minutes Up to 15 mph
Electric WheelchairPhysically Disabled persons$600- $1000Up to 10 miles5-10 mph
Electric TricyclesAdults, kids, physically disabled$350- $600Up to 60 minutes 12-20 mph

Which is the best product for you?best Electric Scooter for you

Are you wondering about which Electric Scooter will be the best for you? Well, it depends on some important aspects. It depends on your age, weight, your budget and the quality of the Scooter. You’ve got a clear cut idea about the Electric Scooters if you already read the information above.

If you’re an adult, then choose the Scooters for the adults and always keep in mind the weight factor. Most of the Scooters for adults can bear 300 pounds of weight. Electric Scooters take 2 hours to 24 to charge. You can choose 8 hours to 12 hours charging time Scooters for your convenience.

If you’re going to buy the Scooter for your kid, then choose the Scooter suitable for the kids. Consider the speed limit of the Scooter for the kids to provide safety.

Always keep in mind the price. Go for the quality products within your range.


How much are the Electric Scooters?

The price depends on the size, age, and weight of the user. It also varies according to the quality and the materials of the Electric Scooter. Of course, high-quality Scooters are costly. But there are cheap Scooters too. Most of the Electric Scooters have a reasonable price. Kid’s Scooters are cheap, but the Scooters for the adults are little costly. The price of the Electric Scooter starts from $99, and it ends to $4,500. Razor E90 is the lowest, and EcoReco M5 is the highest in price.

Is an Electric Scooter street legal?

When it is a matter of legality and illegality, the law of the country comes first as different countries have different laws about vehicles.

In U.S. it differs from state to state. Some states need learners permit, and some don’t need.

But in the UK Electric Scooter are considered as a general vehicle and need to pay tax, need to be insured and need to be registered to use it on the road. You can ride an Electric Scooter without doing these only on private land.

Both in US and UK, you can ride on an Electric Scooter without a license if it is below 750 watts. You can pick a street legal electric scooter for you.

What’s Running Cost of electric scooter?

Operating cost of an Electric Scooter is not too costly. You need to pay the extra electricity bills for charging the battery. To lessen this cost, you can buy the Scooters which are charged fully within 2 hours. But these Scooters will cost you more while buying.

Another cost is, you have to change the battery after every 12 months of use.

It will cost you little if you need to change Electric Scooter parts and Electric Scooter accessories.

Which are the Top Selling Electric Scooters Brands?

From average to super high quality, there are many manufacturer brands to produce Electric Scooters. But we can’t mention all of them, and all of them don’t provide quality products. Here are six best of them.

Razor: One of the best and dominant Electric Scooter making brands best known for their high quality and less costly Scooters.

X-Treme Scooters: This is well known for their Scooters for the adults especially office and college goers.

Jetson Electric Bikes: Another reliable name for Electric Scooters for their fashionable and advanced Scooters.

Super Cycles & Scooters: This brand produces Electric Scooters for covering long distance and for high speed. That’s why these Scooters are the favorite to the riders.

Currie Technologies: This brand is specialized to produce both Electric Scooters and Electric Bikes. They make Scooters with good coverage and speed.

How often should I replace the batteries?

The expert and the manufacturers say a battery works well at least for 12 months. But after one year you must change the battery. And you need to change electric scooter battery after every single year.

What should be the battery time?

scooter batteryIt’s a query of most of the users. Different types of batteries take different times to charge. Some take 2 hours; some take 8-12 hours, and there are some batteries which take 24 hours. You better read the user guide.

Can I ride the scooter without a battery?

The answer will be no for the adults. These Electric Scooters run only by the batteries. So there is no chance to ride on the Scooter without the battery. But for the kid’s Scooter, it can be used without the battery.

The size of the handlebar is important to me!

A handle bar helps to get a right balance on the Scooter.  It helps you to keep the perfect balance while you are about to take a tight turn or an unsmooth surface. As most of the Scooters have standard sized handle bars, you need to adjust the height of the seat to get a firm grip on the bar.

I want to know about the safety options!

These Scooters have superior brakes and thick tires to get maximum grip. Most of the Scooters have adjustable seats to get a good balance on the Scooter. There are no other safety options are provided by the manufacturers like headlights or brake lights. You must put a helmet on while riding.

Will I be able to carry my scooter in checked luggage along with battery?

The answer will be definitely yes. As most of the Electric Scooters are foldable, you can carry your Scooter in a box. You just need to disconnect the battery and take it separately. If you are traveling on the airline, you better consult with the airline authority about their rules to carry the battery to make yourself out of any complicated situation.

scooter assembly
Does it require assembly?

Electric Scooters are pre-assembled by the manufacturers. You don’t need to assemble anything. You may need to attach electric scooter parts and other accessories if needed. But if any assembly needed for the Scooter you can follow the instructions in the user guide and manual provided by the manufacturer.

Should there be any locking features?

There is no locking feature provided by the manufacturers for the Scooters of the kids and teenagers. You have to buy the locking equipment separately to lock the Scooter. But the adult scooters there are locking features with built in locks by the manufacturers.

What’s the Future of Electric Scooters?

The natural gasoline like gas, petrol, and diesel are decreasing day by day as these are used in many sectors in the world. So that the price of these natural fuels is getting high day by day. People are getting more dependable on the electric vehicles now a day. That’s the reason why manufacturers are getting more interested in making Electric vehicles. In the next 20 years, electric vehicles will be dominating the streets. So, there is no doubt that the Electric Scooters have a bright future.


Top Ten Electric Scooters

To save your time and for your convenience here are the top 10 Electric Scooters in the market. Ohh, Don’t forget to bring a scooter helmet for safety. These are regarded as the best seller. People buy these Scooters & helmet for their friendly features and their affordable price.

We think all your worries about Electric Scooter are gone if you have read this Electric Scooter buying guide, as we have given you all the details of Electric Scooter. Just keep in mind this information is just a guide if you are going to buy Electric Scooter for you, for your kids or your other family members.

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